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Product Details

The Festool Fine Tooth Saw Blade is for clean cross cuts. This is the blade that is included with the Festool TS 55 circular saw. This blade is designed for fine cross cuts on sheet goods, melamine to glue ready cross cuts in soft and hard woods.

Tech Specs
Item NumberFES-495377FES-495381
Diameter (mm)160210
Kerf (mm)2.22.4
Bore (mm)2030
Hook Angle
Tooth ShapeATBATB
# Teeth4852
Saw ModelTS 55TS 75
Info & Guides

Offset tooth saw blade Alternating top Bevel (ATB): The teeth on this saw blade cut alternately to the left and right. Offset teeth are standard for all blades for wooden materials. Teeth are carbide tipped to be more durable and stay sharp longer.