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Lewmar Anchor Rodes feature 8 plait nylon line joined with a tapered splice to ACCO Hi-Test hot-dipped galvanized chain. Each anchor rode comes with a shackle to attach the chain to the anchor. Chain is available in 1/4" or 5/16" diameters.

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Technical Information

Lewmar Plaited Anchor Rode Features:

  • Designed to complement the rope-chain gypsies fitted to all Lewmar windlasses
  • Calibrated for even pitch
  • Hot dip galvanised to minimise corrosion
  • Welded for high strength
  • Smooth rope-to-chain transition
  • Helps your windlass operate smoothly
  • Hand-sewn whipping guarantees against unravelling

8 Plait Nylon Line Features:

  • 8 individual braided strands woven together rather than twisted make 8 plait supple when relaxed.
  • Under load, line tightens to firm lay. As load increases the lay becomes harder.
  • Relaxed line will not twist, knot or loop over itself. 8 Plait falls limp into lockers, eliminating hockles common to 3 strand.
  • 8 Plait flakes upon itself much like chain, conforming to shape of anchor locker for better economy of space.
  • Same tensile strength as 3-Strand.
  • 80% less prone to becoming stiff from salt exposure than 3-Strand means line handling improves with age.
  • Less stretch means line doesn't bury into gypsy grip when overloaded. This minimizes damage to stripper should windlass be abused or overloaded.
  • 8-Plait nylon rope is 1/3 more absorbent than 3-Strand rope. Weight means line falls better into the anchor locker.

Recommendations for Break-in

  • Recommended to presoak in water (salt or fresh) on first use with windlass.
  • New, dry line may slip or stick in rope pocket of the gypsy.
  • Soaking lubricates new nylon line on first use.
  • 8-plait out performs 3-Strand after first few uses
  • As 8 plait ages and weathers, handling characteristics on windlass continually improve.

Reviews for Lewmar 8 Plait Anchor Rodes

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November 21, 2013

Great product at great price
By Kingfish from Sacramento, CA

Verified Purchase

The anchor windlass is a very nice accessory for any medium to large size boat. It allows you to deploy & retrieve the anchor from the helm. The windlass is NOT fool proof but will do it's job the majority of the time. I personally prefer the Lewmar Pro-Fish which is what I have on my boat. Just make sure you never try and put more rode in your anchor locker than what is recommended by Lewmar. Too much rode in the anchor locker will not allow it to stack/coil properly and this will cause jamming at the windlass/gypsy. If you decide on a lewmar windlass talking to their tech support concerning installation is always an excellent idea. The 8 plait anchor line allows you to get more rode in the locker than using the 3 strand.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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