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Festool Cleantec Vacuum CT 36 HEPA Dust Extractor

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Festool CT 36 Cleantec
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Product Details

The new Festool CT 36 Cleantec Vacuum is a HEPA dust extractor with many of the features that made the classic CT 36 the pro's choice for workshop dust extraction, including HEPA filtration, tool-actuated startup, and anti-static capability.

The CT 36 has nearly 18% greater capacity over the previous model, which means fewer bag changes, less downtime, and money saved on premature bag replacement. New self-cleaning filter bags maximize capacity by preventing dust caking buildup, and the included Festool Hose Garage keeps protects hose and cord during transport.

CT 36 = 36 liters, or 9.5 gallons.

Tech Specs
Model name: CT 36 E
Item Number:FES-583493
Standard Filter Type:HEPA
Includes:27mm hose, Integrated hose garage, cord wrap, self-cleaning
Capacity - container/filter bag:9.5/8.9 gallons (36 l/34 l)
Weight:29.8 lbs (13.5 kg)
Sound Level:62dB(A) (low setting) 71 dB(A) (maximum setting)
Static Lift:96" static water lift 24000 Pa / 240 mbar
Max Suction Force:137 CFM (3900 l/min)
Dimensions (l x w x h):24.8" x 14.4" x 23.4" (630 x 365 x 596 mm)
Power Consumption:2.9 - 10 amps @ 120 volts AC (350-1200 watts)
Filter Surface Area:3.29 ft 2 (3060 cm 2 )
Power Cord:24.6' (7.5 m) 12 AWG
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Certification meets or exceeds requirements set forth by the EPA in the lead paint regulations know as Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP).

Technical Information

CT 36 Key Features

  • Full Unit Hepa Certification dust extractor - meets or exceeds requirements set forth by the EPA in the lead paint regulations Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP).
  • Tool-triggered activation: Auto and manual modes for tool activated or manual use. Variable suction force matches the task at hand
  • Integrated hose garage: Single element design with cam-locking secures filter for efficient filtration
  • Sys-dock: Store and transport Systainers with the integrated Sys-Dock
  • Anti-static design: Anti-static hose and vacuum design minimizes shocks, clinging dust and clogging
  • Tool-less filter change: Single element design with cam-locking secures filter for efficient filtration
  • Quick release bag change: Fast and easy bag changes with quick release clip system
  • Self-cleaning filter bag: Made of special fleece material, the bag inflates and deflates with the cycling of the unit for maximum suction force and efficiency
  • Single-point foot brake: Prevents unintentional rolling, making the unit particularly useful for use on uneven surfaces or transport
  • Low abrasion tires: Protect surfaces, minimize wear, and run quieter and smoother.
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