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Festool StickFix Granat RO 90 3-1/2 inch Disc Abrasives

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Festool RO 90 StickFix Granat discs

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Product Details

StickFix Granat sanding discs for the Festool RO 90 FEQ sander. These 3.5 inch discs (90mm) feature new 7 hole Jetstream technology that effectively reduces the surface temperature of the abrasive and increases its service life. This is one of many reasons why Festool abrasives last up to 30% longer.

Festool Granat abrasives are composed of hardened Aluminum Oxide and Ceramic Grits. Granat is best for sanding and finishing clear coats, plastics, solid surface materials, acrylics and composites.

Available in 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 320, 400, 800, 1000, and 1500 grit 3-1/2" discs. Quantities are specified below.

Tech Specs
Item Number Grit Quantity
FES-497363 P40 50/bx
FES-497364 P60 50/bx
FES-497365 P80 50/bx
FES-497366 P100 100/bx
FES-497367 P120 100/bx
FES-497368 P150 100/bx
FES-497369 P180 100/bx
FES-497370 P220 100/bx
FES-497372 P320 100/bx
FES-497373 P400 100/bx
FES-498327 P800 50/bx
FES-498328 P1000 50/bx
FES-498330 P1500 50/bx
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Technical Information


  • High-tech abrasives resist clogging and smearing.
  • Ideal for scratch-resistant coatings and high-VOC coatings.
  • Jetstream design provides excellent dust removal for better air quality.
  • Uniform abrasive positioning guarantees consistent sanding and better finishing results.
  • Innovative disc design extends the service life of the abrasive and the sanding pad.

Compatible Festool Sander

  • RO 90 FEQ