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Sierra Marine Engine Replacement V-Belts

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Sierra Marine Engine Replacement V-Belts

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Product Details

Sierra Marine Engine Replacement V-Belts are low stretch and resist shockload failure. Molded from special rubber compounds, these V belts provide smooth and even transfer of load forces. Precisely molded cogs provide air circulation to keep belts cool in operation.

Tech Specs
Sierra V-Belt No. Mercruiser X-ref OMC Sterndrive/Cobra X-ref Volvo Penta X-ref Effective Length (Inches)Top Width (Inches)
SIE-15300 57-49756--30"29/64"
SIE-15325 57-77274A1-95830332-1/2"29/64"
SIE-15345 57-74271T--34-1/2"29/64"
SIE-15370 57-65607T--37"29/64"
SIE-15400 57-32850, 57-69143T311606-40"29/64"
SIE-15405 57-76269-95831140-1/2"29/64"
SIE-15410 57-49043A1, 57-64032A1, 57-98043-95081341"29/64"
SIE-15415 57-3635691034398535741-1/2"29/64"
SIE-15430 57-49211-84182143"29/64"
SIE-15435 57-64416912509958314, 958359, 958359-2, 96638243-1/2"29/64"
SIE-15440 57-49213A1, 57-45856311046-44"29/64"
SIE-15450 -914787960336, 385846245"29/64"
SIE-15455 -908929385246445-1/2"29/64"
SIE-15460 57-48120A1310953, 909971829207, 95081846"29/64"
SIE-15470 57-78200A1--47"29/64"
SIE-15480 57-48122--48"29/64"
SIE-15495 57-91035A1-95832049-1/2"29/64"
SIE-15500 57-96834T, Q909818, 91241895214150"29/64"
SIE-15520 57-33170, Q, 57-37619T912714-52"29/64"
SIE-15525 ---52-1/2"29/64"
SIE-15550 57-13458T--55"29/64"
Info & Guides

For peace of mind it is good practice to carry (1) spare belt on board for each application: water pump, alternator, power steering, etc.