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3M Cubitron II Clean Sanding Sheets and Rolls are compatible with the 3M Dust-Free Sanding Blocks.

Cubitron II cuts faster, lasts longer, resists loading, and leaves a more consistent finish. Use these abrasives for scuff sanding before painting, to remove runs, dust nibs and excess orange peel from topcoat finishes.

Clean Sanding Sheets and Rolls are perforated making it easy to dispense any sheet length for hand and power file applications. Use for dust-free and non-dust-free sanding.

Tech Specs
Cubitron II Item Number / Width Grade Type Length
MMM-051131-34440 / 2-3/4"40+Roll13.12 yds. (12 m)
MMM-051131-34442 / 2-3/4"80+Roll13.12 yds. (12 m)
MMM-051131-34444 / 2-3/4"120+Roll13.12 yds. (12 m)
MMM-051131-34445 / 2-3/4"150+Roll13.12 yds. (12 m)
MMM-051131-34446 / 2-3/4"180+Roll13.12 yds. (12 m)
MMM-051131-34447 / 2-3/4"220+Roll13.12 yds. (12 m)
MMM-051131-34460 / 4-1/2"40+Roll8.75 yds (8m)
MMM-051131-34462 / 4-1/2"80+Roll13.12 yds. (12 m)
MMM-051131-34464 / 4-1/2"120+Roll13.12 yds. (12 m)
MMM-051131-34465 / 4-1/2"150+Roll13.12 yds. (12 m)
MMM-051131-34466 / 4-1/2"180+Roll13.12 yds. (12 m)
MMM-051131-34467 / 4-1/2"220+Roll13.12 yds. (12 m)
MMM-051131-34490 / 2-3/4"40+Sheet (25 per box)16-1/2 inches
MMM-051131-34492 / 2-3/4"80+Sheet (25 per box)16-1/2 inches
MMM-051131-34494 / 2-3/4"120+Sheet (50 per box)16-1/2 inches
MMM-051131-34495 / 2-3/4"150+Sheet (50 per box)16-1/2 inches
MMM-051131-34496 / 2-3/4"180+Sheet (50 per box)16-1/2 inches
MMM-051131-34497 / 2-3/4"220+Sheet (50 per box)16-1/2 inches
MMM-051131-34505 / 4-1/2"40+Sheet (50 per box)30 inches
MMM-051131-34507 / 4-1/2"80+Sheet (50 per box)30 inches
MMM-051131-34509 / 4-1/2"120+Sheet (50 per box)30 inches
MMM-051131-34510 / 4-1/2"180+Sheet (50 per box)30 inches
MMM-051131-34511 / 4-1/2"220+Sheet (50 per box)30 inches
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While supplies last, take advantage of clearance pricing on 3M Hookit Purple Clean Sanding Sheets, available in a variety of grit grades.

Cubitron II Kiss-cut Underscore Technology

The unique kiss-cut underscore technology enables Cubitron II sheet rolls to be converted easily into multiple sheet-length configurations.

Innovative high-performance aluminum oxide abrasive construction with clean sanding chevron design combines with a new range of accessories to offer the very best solution for efficient sanding.

To achieve maximum performance, 3M has added hundreds of small holes that have been purposely arranged on the sheet in a chevron formation. This configuration of holes allows for optimal particulate removal from the face of the sheet, improving performance when used with or without dust extraction.

When using a dust extraction system, sheet alignment is not necessary to achieve direct air flow from the panel through the abrasive sheet.

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