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Seafarer Shrink Wrap Access Doors
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Shrink Wrap Access Doors
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Seafarer Shrink Wrap Access Doors Customer Questions and Answers

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how do these doors fasten to the existing shrink wrap?

Asked on 06/18/2015 by David Sanders

Top Answer

Tape the door to the existing shrink wrap with shrink wrap tape. Un-zip and open the door exposing the original shrink wrap. Cut the shrink wrap to the size of the door and in you go.

Answered on 06/18/2015 by JIM DUBOIS
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1. Tape the door to the shrink wrap on your boat with shrink wrap tape. 2. Un-zip the door and open. 3. Cut out the existing shrink wrap using the door zipper outline as your template. 4. Next Spring, peel off the door and use it the following fall. Be careful with the zipper as both sides of mine fail at the corners!!

Answered on 06/23/2015 by JIM DUBOIS


After the shrink wrap is finished. Locate the access door in the smoothest area possible, not close to edges. Use shrink wrap vinyl tape all around the edges, use a squeegee to reduce bubbles in tape. Unzip the door and cut the shrink wrap behind it with razor knife. Done

Answered on 06/18/2015 by HENRY KNEE


Tape them on after the shrink wrap is installed with shrink wrap tape. Unzip the door and cut out the opening. You can save them and reuse.

Answered on 06/18/2015 by NATHAN SPOSITO


I give the shrink wrap area where the door will go a quick cleaning, attach the door with shrink wrap tape all around outside edge, unzip the door, trim the existing shrink wrap with a razor a little larger than the door opening, and tape around that edge on the inside. My current door has been on for 2 seasons as I am working on the boat and the attachment has held up well.

Answered on 06/18/2015 by ROBERT WRIGHT


3M shrink wrap tape. After completing the wrapping of the boat I choose the spot I wanted the door and laid it out. I used a couple of short tabs of this tape, about 3-4 inches to the inside of the upper corners, position the door. Then I measured and cut the tape for the two vertical ends and taped them. I removed the tabs of tape and did the horizontal ones. After cutting out the material I then used both hands on inside and outside to make sure I had no air bubbles and full contact between the tape and shrink wrap. This has worked great for me. I live in Wyoming at 7200 feet and our boats are stored outside and are routinely subjected to winds of 50 -70 mph and more and temps down to -40. I haven't had one failure on the doors or the shrink wrap.

Answered on 06/19/2015 by MILT GIBBS


Shrink wrap tape

Answered on 06/18/2015 by KERMIT ZERR


per the previous response, the boat is fully shrink wrapped first and then the door is positioned where you want access and taped to the shrink wrap with special tape used on this material ( also available at Jamestown). Then the door is unzipped and the underlying shrink wrap is cut away, revealing access to the boat. I have had the same door for 4 years. Properly cared for off season, is should last for another 3-4 years.

Answered on 06/18/2015 by JR, renovator JR, renovator


4" wide shrink wrap tape.

Answered on 06/18/2015 by Ron Glick
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