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Owatrol CIP Corrosion Inhibiting Primer

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Owatrol CIP Corrosion Inhibiting Primer
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Owatrol C.I.P. (Corrosive Inhibiting Primer) is a deep penetrating primer that controls rust and corrosion on metal surfaces. It has characteristics similar to Owatrol Marine Oil with the added benefit that C.I.P. may be overcoated with paint or coatings without the risk of dissolving the primer layer.

Owatrol C.I.P. stabilizes the surface by penetrating deep into the substrate, driving out excess moisture and air to form a solid stable layer. Sand or shot-blasted surfaces do not require immediate priming; a light rust coating will not affect its performance or the final result.

Color: Brick Red.

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Technical Information


  • Penetrates deep into rusted surfaces to drive out moisture and air
  • Completely seals sound underlying metal.
  • Forms a solid stable layer that other paints can firmly adhere to.
  • Adheres to surfaces even with minimal preparation.
  • Suitable as a primer with any coating including high solvent finish.
  • Ideal for difficult climatic conditions - Tropical or marine environments.
  • Adheres exceptionally well to clean bright steel.
  • Resistant up to 347°F (175°C).
  • Compatible with all paints.
  • Excellent chemical resistance - Corrosive gases, Industrial...

Surface Preparation:

  • Remove all loose & flaking rust; scale and old paint back to a sound surface/ edge.
  • Surfaces exposed to chemicals (acids, alkalis or salt deposits) should be washed using copious amounts of water or steam cleaned.
  • Severely contaminated surfaces should be cleaned using an appropriate solvent.
  • Ensure surface is clean, dry and free of any oil or grease.

Application Instructions:

  • Stir or shake can well before and during use. Do not dilute/thin.
  • Apply 1st coat of OWATROL C.I.P. and allow to dry.
  • Apply a 2nd coat of OWATROL C.I.P. and allow to dry.
  • On severely corroded surfaces apply a 3rd coat of OWATROL C.I.P.
  • Apply finish coat after recommended time.