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Product Details

Owatrol ALU is an aluminum tinted metal paint that stops rust, restores rusted metals to a smooth finish and protects new metals from corrosion. ALU provides the superior adhesion properties of Owatrol Marine Oil, with an added aluminum pigment.

This deep penetrating coating remains flexible, and may be applied to trailers, iron or steel railings, pipes, pumps or any other metal equipment that would benefit from a corrosion resistant finish.

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Technical Information

Owatrol ALU Marine Aluminum Paint product description:

  • Excellent resistance to the effects of the weather.
  • Does not emit any dangerous fumes - Safe to use in confined areas.
  • Withstands temperatures up to 347°F (175°C) once cured.
  • Excellent light and heat reflecting properties.
  • Adheres exceptionally well to clean, bright metal.
  • Sand or shot-blasted surfaces do not require an immediate application - light rust coating will not affect its performance or the final result.
  • Coating for Aluminium, steel and galvanized surfaces above the waterline.
  • High gloss finish.
  • Highly elastic - Will not crack, peel or blister.


  • For interior and exterior use.
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Trailers, pipes, pumps and more.
  • Grills, bars, iron, steel, etc.
  • Machines, electronic devices.
  • Hulls, tanks and metal surfaces.