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Pettit Hydrocoat SR
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Pettit Hydrocoat SR
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Reviews for Pettit Hydrocoat SR

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December 11, 2014

follow up on previous review
By Cutter from Woodbine

This is a follow up to my previous review about applying this product. I now can report on it's performance and it was nothing short of phenomenal. For the last several years I've had to pull the boat in July to have the slime on the bottom power washed off to regain the speed and fuel economy lost because of the fouling. Even running the boat weekly to try keeping the slime from building up didn't work with the previous bottom paint. That all changed with this product. Even after not running the boat for nearly four months when pulled today there was almost no growth at all on the painted areas. The yard crew was also very impressed, asking what I had used. The said that this was a hard summer for bottom growth and couldn't believe how clean the boat was. Almost no need to powerwash. I'm hooked on Hydrocoat SR and will recommend to all my friends.

June 25, 2014

First time using, went on well
By DS from NY

Verified Purchase

bottom paint went on well

June 5, 2014

Finally finished the bottom.
By Cutter John from Woodbine, MD

Started out to change coatings on my 29' sport cruiser. While sanding off old coating I encountered a blister. The more sanding the more blisters. Most were small, 1/4" diameter and just in the gel coat, some went deeper. I stopped counting after 30. Called the Tech Support at Jamestown Distributors for guidance. This is only the second fiberglass boat I've owned (I'm going back to wood after this)and not up on these repairs. After following the Tech Support's advice and three months of sanding and filling, I finally got to apply the Hydrocoat SR. After dealing with two part barrier paints the Hydrocoat SR was a breeze to apply. Went on easily with a roller. Clean up was easy and spills washed away quickly. If at all possible, have the Hydrocoat SR shaken at a paint or box store, it's alot cleaner than mixing with a paddle device on a drill. Now I'm just waiting to see how it handles the slime and critters in the Chesapeak Bay.

August 8, 2015

He slimed me...
By Elydoug from Ocean City, NJ

I wanted an eco-friendly product to use on my Grady White 209 Escape. I have had good results with Pettit products in the past while working at a boat rental business who used Pettit exclusively. I started by stripping the hull to bare gelcoat and applying 2 gallons of Interlux barrier coat. I then applied 1 gallon of Hydrocoat SR in several coats and then launched. I keep my boat in a slip in South Jersey for 9 months a year and use it 2-4 times per week while in the water. After 3 months, I saw a significant amount of yellowish/brown slime all over the bottom. It scrubbed off easily with a soft deck brush but I also saw blue in the water so I know that the paint was sloughing off too. The slime power washed off easily when I pulled the boat in December, but the areas under rollers were allowed to dry for a week and they had to be sanded clean. Thinking that I needed to apply more product, I put on another gallon over the next winter paying particular attention to the waterline and shearwater areas. Now 4 months into the second season, there is an even coating of the the same slime on the bottom that was present last year. It does scrub off easily, but only the areas that I can reach with a deck brush. I am happy with the low volatility and ease of clean-up of this bottom coat, but am very dissatisfied with the slime resistance.

June 13, 2019

Pettit hydrocoat sr review
By Tom tom from Hampton Bays

Verified Purchase

Bought this product for its anti slime agent so I can't comment on how it will perform but all I know is it was a nightmare to apply.I thought that Mabey the paint was defective but it was not.The problem is it would not roll on properly.The roller would cake up almost almost instantly!I tried every nap size available but still the same results.I finally finished the job but it looked all blotchy and uneven.Next year I'll try a different brand.

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