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Product Details

At the core of the Marco OCK1 portable pump kit is a robust bronze gear pump. Add hoses, clamps, clip-on battery leads and fuse, and this kit becomes an easily operated and conveniently transported oil transfer machine. The reversibly pump is designed for transfer of oil and diesel applications.

The pump quickly removes oil from engine or generator crank cases using the included hoses. Insert hose through engine dip tube and pump spent oil into a user supplied container. Then, by simply reversing battery connections, the OCK-1 pump will pump new oil back into the engine. Powerful bronze gear pump design will outlast traditional impeller pump design without the nuisance impeller blade burnout.

Tech Specs
Part Number Voltage Amperage Flow Rate GPH (Intake Hose Diameter inches)
MCO-M1649301212VDC5.5 Amp 5.3 GPH (1/4" Dia) / 15.9 GPH (5/16" Dia) / 87.2 GPH (1/2" Dia)
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Technical Information

Oil Pump Kit Features

  • Complete kit with hoses, battery connections and fuse
  • Compact size bronze gear pump
  • Reversible motor
  • Easy to operate
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty

Common applications for the OCK1 pump kit include:

  • transfer of lubricating oils
  • transfer of viscous fluids
  • transfer of oils and antifreezes
  • circulating viscous fluids
  • draining engine sumps
  • NOT recommended for: gasoline, flammable liquids, solvents, corrosive chemicals, foodstuff fluids

Reviews for Marco OCK1 Portable Oil Change Kit

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December 29, 2013

Best Ever
By CG Sailor from Honolulu, HI

What a difference good equipment makes. I've struggled to pull the oil through the dipstick tube from my 200 horse Volvo diesel and transmission, usually starting with the small Jabsco 12v electric mounted on a collection tank and finishing with a hand pump. It was a messy job, took a long time and if the oil was hot enough to make the job easier then I was getting burned on everything else I touched. I used this pump yesterday and emptied both sumps in a matter of minutes. Took about 20 seconds to get suction and then it just cranked. I never get all of the oil out this way but I got a lot more this time. The kit came with a good selection of hoses and fittings for suction and discharge. Minor issue, but before I use it the next time I'll add and inline switch close to the pump...kind of awkward to have to turn it on and off by removing the battery clamp.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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