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Product Details

Entropy Clear Casting Fast Hardener (CCF) should be mixed with Entropy Clear Casting Epoxy Resin (CCR) for low build casting applications with thicknesses below 1 inch.

Clear Casting Epoxy Resin (CCR) features low color, excellent air release, and UV stabilizer technology. The result is crystal clear products with excellent color stability. These traits are highly desirable for jewelry, furniture and bar top applications.

Use CCR Resin with CCF fast hardener at a 2:1 mix ratio for medium pot life. For larger castings greater than 1 inch thick, the CCS Slow hardener is recommended instead. The clear casting resin CCR and CCF Hardener have a bio-content greater than 30%, and can be modified with epoxy compatible colorants and fillers.

CCF hardener requires the corresponding size of CCR Epoxy Resin for use (2:1 mix ratio). See chart below.

Tech Specs
CCR/CCF Admixed Specifications & Mechanical Data
Color Clear
Mix Ratio by Volume 2:1 (resin:hardener)
Mix Ratio by Weight 100:43 (resin:hardener)
Mixed Viscosity @ 77°F 280 cPs
Pot Life @ 77°F 90 minutes
Tack-Free Time @ 77°F 4 hours
Ideal Working Temperature Range Optimal - 60-80°F; Extended - 50-90°F
Maximum Castable Amounts @ 77°F 8.5 oz. (250g); 2-inch cube
Recommended Full Cure 7 days @ 77°F; Post cure recommended.
Tensile Strength 8,140 psi
Elongation 6%
Flexural Strength 11,850 psi
Compression Strength 12,380 psi
Tg Ultimate 119°F
Hardness, Shore D 70-80
CCR Epoxy Resin Quantity CCF Hardener Quantity Mixed Quantity
32 oz.16 oz. hardener48 oz.
1/2 gallon resin1 qt. hardener3 qt.
1 gallon resin1/2 gallon hardener1.5 gallons
2 gallons resin1 gallon hardener3 gallons
5 gallons resin2.5 gallons hardener7.5 gallons
Info & Guides
IMPORTANT! Entropy Clear Casting Fast Hardener (CCF) should be used ONLY for low-volume (less than 1 pint) casting applications with thicknesses less than 1 inch. Using CCF Fast Hardener for larger volumes or greater thicknesses can result in exothermic cures that will damage the resin. For mass castings with thicknesses greater than 1 inch, use Clear Casting Slow Hardener (CCS).

NOTE: Exact fill weight of 5 Gallon CCF Hardener is 4.783 gallons.

Technical Information

Clear Casting Fast Hardener (CCF) Combined with Clear Casting Epoxy Resin (CCR) Features

  • Fast hardener for Entropy's Clear Casting Epoxy Resin (CCR).
  • Green epoxy resin with fast room temperature cure; post cure recommended.
  • Clear-as-water, low-viscosity resin ideal for hand layup and vacuum bagging.
  • Great for high-color applications requiring a clear, non-yellowing resin system.
  • UV-stable formula with relatively low viscosity.
  • First USDA BioPreferred Certified liquid epoxy resin system.
  • Fast cure/low build for less than 1 inch castings.
  • CCF requires corresponding size of CCR Epoxy Resin for use (2:1 mix ratio). See chart below.

Clear Casting Epoxy Resin (CCR)/Clear Casting Fast Hardener (CCF) System Best Uses

  • Bar or table top epoxy
  • Embedding and encapsulation
  • Resin castings
  • Resin jewelry
  • Art and craft resin
  • Mold resin

Safety and Handling Information

Despite the natural derivation of Entropy resin products, exposure to these materials represents hazards typical of all epoxy resins. Exposure should be minimized and avoided through the use of proper personal protective clothing & equipment, and appropriate manufacturing controls. All persons who use, store, or transport these materials should understand proper handling precautions and recommendations, as stated in the SDS (safety data sheets).

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including propylene oxide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

Reviews for Entropy Clear Casting Fast Hardener

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April 24, 2022

Fast it's not.
By Ray from New York

Verified Purchase

If a 48 hour cure time is considered fast then this is the product is for you. Carefully measured by weight and then by volume with the same result each time. All resulting in stalled projects.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

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December 31, 2019

Excellent results!
By RLW from Newport County, RI

Verified Purchase

Very clear, and hardly any bubbles. I initially bought the slow cure hardener, but exchanged it for the "fast" because until I visited the manufacturer's website I did not have the data. Slow is very slow! This product will not disappoint.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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May 14, 2019

Never again!
By S. Beck from Little River, SC

Verified Purchase

I have been using CCR and CCF hardener for 5 years now. This is the second and last time that I've had a problem with the hardener. The first time all of my pours, which were clear when they went in the molds, turned milky and opaque. My problem this time was drying time. I measured my epoxy and hardener with a scale and mixed per the directions. It took almost three days before I could remove from the molds. Thinking I may have made a mistake measuring I mixed another batch and poured it into the molds. Exactly the same result. Three days to dry enough to remove from my molds. I can't tolerate issues like this when I am trying to produce items to fill orders and meet deadlines.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

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