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Bloxygen displaces oxygen and moisture to protect and preserve leftover paints and varnishes. It provides a protective blanket of heavy gas to prevent wasteful skinning over or thickening in the container. Use Bloxygen to extend the shelf life of leftover fine finishes, oil-based paints, oil-based stains, varnishes, paste wood fillers, polyurethanes, resins and glues.

Bloxygen uses ultra pure Argon, a heavier-than-air inert gas to block oxygen from liquid surfaces. Simply insert the straw into the cracked lid, blow a short burst, then seal the container immediately. Oxygen and moisture are displaced in the open spaces by the heavy gas.

A single can will work about 75 times in quarts (2-second shot) or about 35 times in gallons (4-second shot), so less than 15 cents will save a $20 - $50 product.

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Over 60 million partially used gallons of paint are wasted in the US every year. Bloxygen preserves your leftover coatings, saves money, and helps ensure your product is ready to use the next time you need it. This revolutionary finish preserver has found a wide range of uses, including: oil-based paint, varnish, polyurethanes, catalysts, tung oil, wood fillers, urethanes, stains, printing chemicals, sign paints, fuel additives, autobody chemicals, coffee, polyurethane glues, epoxy resin, wine hops, and cooking oils.

How to Use Bloxygen

  1. Make sure you are wearing safety glasses, then twist the extension tube into the spray tip to secure it in place.
  2. Hold the container lid closely above the container, and spray Bloxygen toward the inside of the container wall, to avoid any splashing.
  3. Spray time for half-full containers: 2 full seconds for quart containers and 4 full seconds for gallon containers.
  4. Close container lid immediately to seal in the heavy-gas finish preserver.

NOTES: Always wear proper eye protection when using Bloxygen. This product is effective only on oxygen-cure finishes, and will not preserve water-based finishes or lacquers. When using this product, it's recommended you spray enough argon gas into the container to fill the remaining head space twice. This means less gas is needed if the container is more full, and more gas is needed if the container is less full or nearly empty.

Technical Information

Bloxygen Benefits

  • Eliminate the need to filter or strain finishes.
  • Prevent changes in product chemistry during storage: yielding consistent finishes
  • Store your leftovers safely, in the original, labeled container
  • Reduce product loss to save money and time
  • Eliminate spray gun clogs and jams
  • Contains no added propellants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
  • Bloxygen is a GREEN product, it is 100% natural as the gas comes from our atmosphere.
  • It prevents landfills from receiving finishes that have skinned over or thickened.
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