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Product Details

Moeller Universal Electric Sending Units are perfect for the DIY converting a mechanical fuel gauge to an electrical dash-mount gauge. The swingarm style measures fuel level the same way as the mechanical sending units, but includes built-in resistor and wiring to connect to a dash-mounted gauge without requiring a conversion capsule.

Easy DIY sizing lets you measure the tank depth and cut the swingarm to the correct length. Purchase sending unit based on range of tank depth. Senders come with gaskets and mounting screws.

NOTE: The dash-mounted gauge (MOE-03572710) is sold separately except for model MOE-03572610, which includes dash-mounted gauge.

Tech Specs
Item Number Tank Depth Description
MOE-03572210 6 to 12 inches (152 to 305mm)Includes sending unit only
MOE-03572910 12 to 24 inches (305 to 610mm)Includes sending unit only
MOE-03572510 4 to 28 inches (102 to 685mm)Includes sending unit only
MOE-03572610 4 to 28 inches (102 to 685mm)Includes sending unit and dash-mounted gauge
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Technical Information

<b>MOE-03572610 includes sending unit and dash-mounted gauge. All other models include sending unit only.</b>

  • Each fuel sender includes necessary gasket and screws.
  • Internal components will not rust or corrode.
  • Float rotates easily in 90 degree increments for tanks wall & baffle clearance.
  • Swing arm length is adjustable, cut to size.
  • Easy to install.