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Product Details

The Super Sap INS (SLOW) Hardener is part B of a low viscosity epoxy resin system suited for VARTM processes or vacuum infusion. Super Sap INS is a slow hardener with a pot life of 120 minutes, allowing long working time for large, complicated projects. INF Hardeners are equipped with UV stabilizing technology, making them ideal for outdoor applications such as the marine environment.

Unlike traditional epoxies that are predominantly composed of petroleum based materials, Super Sap formulations contain bio-based renewable materials sourced as co-products or from waste streams of other industrial processes. These natural components have excellent elongation and exceptionally high adhesion properties.

Requires corresponding sized Super Sap CLR Epoxy resin for use (2:1 ratio). See chart below.

Tech Specs
Hardener Speed Set Time Pot Life
Fast Cure Hardener (INF)1.5 hrs40 min
Slow Cure Hardener (INS)5 hrs120 min
Super Sap CLR Epoxy Resin Quantity Super Sap INF or INS Hardener Quantity Mixed Quantity
16 oz resin8 oz hardener24 oz
1/2 gallon resin1 qt hardener3 qt
1 gallon resin1/2 gallon hardener1.5 gallons
2 gallons resin1 gallon hardener3 gallons
4 gallon sresin2 gallons hardener6 gallons
5 gallons resin2.5 gallons hardener7.5 gallons
Info & Guides

Technical Information

Entropy Resins INS Hardener

  • Ideally suited for vacuum infusion or VARTM processes
  • UV Stabilized
  • Low viscosity system
  • Slow Cure: 5 hour set time, 120 min pot life

Why Choose Super Sap?

  • Performance Grade:
  • Improved mechanical performance
  • Formulas catering a wide range of processes and applications
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Significant reduction in CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Green chemistry eliminates harmful by-products
  • Reduced power and water consumption
  • Considerations for the Environmental & User Safety
  • Agricultural Land Use
  • Reduced harmful by-products such as chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • Reduced power and water consumption during processing
  • Lowered sensitizing components for increased user safety

Safety and Handling Information

Despite the natural derivation of Entropy resin products, exposure to these materials represents hazards typical of all epoxy resins. Exposure should be minimized and avoided through the use of proper personal protective clothing & equipment, and appropriate manufacturing controls. All persons who use, store, or transport these materials should understand proper handling precautions and recommendations, as stated in the SDS (safety data sheets).