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TotalBoat 5:1 Fast Hardener
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TotalBoat 5:1 Fast Hardener Group Size B
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TotalBoat 5:1 Fast Hardener Customer Questions and Answers

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What is the best solvent to thin this resin/hardener combination?

Asked on 07/20/2015 by Randy Snyder

Top Answer

You could thin it a little with acetone. I wouldn't go more than 10%.

Answered on 07/22/2015 by Rick White
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Yep, I figured acetone would be the right choice.

Answered on 07/22/2015 by Randy Snyder


I want to make it very thin to penetrate into rot before using your filler epoxy. I did this years ago with resin but it was not yours so before buying yours I'd like to know the best thinner. I used acetone in the last repair.

Answered on 07/20/2015 by Randy Snyder


Randy, I think an expert should chime in, but in my own experience I found the solution with the slow formula hardener was thinner than with the fast formula. I used some of the slow curing solution to fill in some wood rot, and it seemed to run well into the seams/voids. Unfortunately I don't have results to share. Good luck!

Answered on 07/21/2015 by BEN WEIDMANN


What solution property are you trying to achieve by thinning the mixture?

Answered on 07/20/2015 by BEN WEIDMANN
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