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Product Details

Weld Mount Wire Tie Mounts are ideal for primary wire and cable runs, submerged bilge wire and hose bundles, as well as securely mounting firewall and bulkhead wiring. The Weld Mount Wire Tie Mounts may be attached to virtually any surface. Weld Mount Wire Tie Mounts are designed to work with the entire family of Weld Mount Acrylic Adhesives.

The Weld Mount Fastening System removes the need to install screws into or through cored substrates thus eliminating a major cause of composite delamination.

Info & Guides

AT-3 White Nylon Wire Tie Mounts are sized for a number 3 wire tie. The square base measures 9/16 inch square. The average pull strength is approximately 50 lbs. Use the AT-3 wire tie mounts for smaller wire runs or where space prevents the use of larger mounts.

AT-5 White Nylon Wire Tie Mounts are sized for a number 5 wire tie. The large base measures 1-1/8 inches long x 3/4 inches wide. The average pull strength is approximately 150 lbs. Use the AT-5 wire tie mounts for heavier wire runs or where space permits the use of the larger mounts.

The Tie Mounts are supplied in packs of 30, 50, 100 and 500.

Nylon Tie Mounts are also available in black. Aluminum swivel base tie mounts are a good alternative when a strong and adjustable cable harness system is desired.

The Weld Mount Wire Tie Mounts are designed to be bonded with the entire family of Weld Mount Adhesives. The Weld Mount Wire Tie Mounts may also be set directly into wet resin during hull lay up.

Description of the WELD MOUNT ADHESIVES

AT-1030 Is A specially formulated acrylic adhesive which cures in 12 minutes and has working strength within 40 minutes. AT-1030 is packaged in a 30 ML side by side dispenser cartridge with a built in plunger. Cut off the tips and dispense the amount needed for hand mixing. A cap is included to deal the cartridge for reuse. AT-1030 is a good general purpose bonder for all substrates except low energy plastics and rubber. AT-1030 has a shelf life of 12 months when stored at 72 degrees or less. The cartridge will bond 50-75 parts.

AT-2010 is also a two-part acrylic adhesive, which is formulated with high viscosity to allow instant bonding of Weld Mount System fasteners to any surface (horizontal, vertical or overhead). AT-2010 is packaged in a two part 50 ML cartridge which is mounted in the AT-300 adhesive dispensing gun using a 1 to 1 plunger. A special mixing tip is used to mix the two components thoroughly before use. AT-2010 sets in approximately 6 minutes, develops working strength in 15-20 minutes and dries to a light yellow color. AT-2010 is used typically for bonding Weld Mount parts in lighter duty applications.

AT-4020 acrylic adhesive will bond to fiberglass, steel, aluminum, glass, wood and many other substrates. However, it should be noted that AT-4020 adhesive will not bond well to StarBoard, low energy plastics or rubber. AT-4020 does not adhere as well to metals as it does to composite substrates. Weld Mount AT-4020 Acrylic Adhesive is a specially formulated to hold studs and standoffs without sagging. The Acrylic Adhesive cures in 10 minutes and has a working strength within 30 minutes at 72 Degrees F. The 50 ML cartridge will bond approximately 100-150 parts. AT-4020 is used primarily for bonding Weld Mount parts to composites in heavier duty applications.

AT-6030 adhesive is a two-component, 10:1 mix ratio structural adhesive with outstanding adhesion for bonding metals, carbon fiber, composites and most plastics. Most metals can be bonded without priming. This advanced product is designed to meet specific requirements of the transportation industry, including reduced read through on show surfaces. The combination of minimum surface preparation, primerless metal bonding and low read through makes AT-6030 ideal for a variety of assembly operations. AT-6030 is packaged in 40ML cartridges for use with our AT-300 dispensing gun and AT-650 mixing tips. AT-6030 is used typically for bonding Weld Mount parts in the heaviest duty applications.

Technical Information

Weld Mount System advantages:

  • Eliminate the need to drill in to a composite skin and exposing the core
  • Eliminate drilling, tapping, welding, grinding and finishing steps
  • Eliminate costly rework expenses caused by inadvertently drilling though substrates
  • Eliminate blocking added during lamination in order to have a place to put screws
  • Much stronger than traditional methods