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TotalBoat Premium Boat Wax
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TotalBoat Premium Marine Paste Wax
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TotalBoat Premium Boat Wax Customer Questions and Answers

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I"s there a preferred temperature below which it is not advisable to wax. In other words, what is the preferred application temperature range?

Asked on 03/16/2021 by Donald from Piscataway, NJ

Top Answer

Avoid polish and wax applications in extreme temperatures. It's best apply to polish and wax when surface temperatures are between 60-80°F. A simple test is to feel the surface before application; it should not feel too cold or too hot to the touch. Outside ambient air temperature could be warmer than the surface temperature, such as in the morning after a cold night, or later in the day after exposure to the hot sun. If the surface temperature is cold to the touch, wait until it warms up in the ambient air. If the surface is directly in the hot sun, wait until it can cool down in the shade.

Answered on 03/17/2021 by Paul
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How much UV protection does this product offer? I see nothing on the label about it but the description online claims it has inhibitors. Would this keep plastic from fading?

Asked on 09/10/2020 by Evan from MA

Top Answer

It will help prevent fading when used as part of a regular maintenance protocol.

Answered on 09/15/2020 by Paul
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does this kit work on aluminum boats?

Asked on 08/10/2017 by James from MN

Top Answer

If the Aluminum is painted the wax will help protect it.

Answered on 12/06/2017 by JD Tech Team
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