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Product Details

Cal-June Pendant Mooring Buoys are designed with a recessed top to keep your boat's mooring line dry and accessible. High density polyethylene buoy shell protects boat topsides from contact with the mooring hardware. The buoy features a stable shape that won't roll over and cause the pendant line to get wet.

Pendant mooring buoys are stackable when storing over the winter months. Molded lifting grips make handling buoys much easier. Available in three sizes with three tube diameters.

Tech Specs
ModelBuoy Outside Diameter (inches)Tube Inside Diameter (inches)Buoyancy (+ or - 5%)
CJN-4202-T-2 18"2"105 lbs.
CJN-4202-T-2-1/2 18"2-1/2"105 lbs.
CJN-4202-T-3 18"3"105 lbs.
CJN-4203-T-2 24"2"240 lbs.
CJN-4203-T-2-1/2 24"2-1/2"240 lbs.
CJN-4203-T-3 24"3"240 lbs.
CJN-4204-T-2 30"2"460 lbs.
CJN-4204-T-2-1/2 30"2-1/2"460 lbs.
CJN-4204-T-3 30"3"460 lbs.