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Product Details

3M 05579 Stikit No-Hole Backup Pad 8 inches Firm. Designed for 3M sanding discs using the Stikit PSA attachment system. The vinyl pad face provides good disc adhesion and allows easy disc removal. Foam construction and tapered edge offer a high degree of conformability, providing a uniform finish when sanding contours and curves.

Use with slow speed polisher/grinder. Ideal for use with medium to fine grade abrasives for paint stripping and sanding primer on conformable surfaces. Max 3,000 RPM

Info & Guides

Fits 5/8" shaft

Max 3000 RPM

"No-Hole" pads are not designed for use with dust extraction systems.

*PSA - Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Back-Up Pads do wear out. For best performance replace the pad when the abrasive disc is no longer fully supported along the outside edge.