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3M PPS Paint Preparation System improves paint gun efficiency. The Mini Lids and Liners Kit contains 50 each of the liners, lids with integral paint filters, and 20 sealing caps. This kit does not include the Mix Ratio Film Insert, which adds graduated measurement up to 5 1/2 oz. The disposable cup has a maximum capacity of 6 fl oz. Requires accompanying Mini Cups and Collars Kit.

This system utilizes disposable parts mounted on the spray gun by a cup and collar system and a dedicated adapter. Because the liner bag collapses, the spray gun will function at any angle. Liner bag and filter are disposable. That means easy cleanup and less harmful solvents. 3M PPS Paint Preparation System is therefore a cleaner, faster system, safe from outside contamination and offering considerable time and solvent savings on gun and parts cleaning.