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Product Details

The Fein Starlock Plus Carbide Finger Rasp is useful for coarse grinding in extremely tight areas where the standard rasp can't fit, such as grooves, rabbets, or between narrow spaces. Only 1-1/8" wide, with a narrow point and carbide coating on both sides.

Starlock Plus narrow carbide coated rasps are aggressive, and the fastest way to remove material using the MultiMaster. They produce five times the sanding performance of 40-grit sandpaper, but resist loading up with sanding residue.

Sold one (1) per pack.

Note: Starlock Plus blades and accessories fit OMTs with the Starlock Plus or Starlock Max mounting system directly, including most Fein and some Bosch OMTs; others will require an adapter. Check for compatibility with your OMT manufacturer.

Info & Guides

Use durable Fein Starlock Plus rasps to remove thin set mortar, paint, oil stains or graffiti from a number of different surfaces. For large surfaces, use the Standard Rasp (sold separately), and for those tight areas, we recommend the Finger Rasp.

The Starlock System

Fein's 3D, snap-in Starlock mounting system is the new standard for Fein oscillating multi-tools. This innovative design allows Starlock accessories to be interlocked in three dimensions for better stability, increased efficiency, and greater safety.

Starlock accessories are available in standard Starlock, Starlock Plus, and Starlock Max versions designed for use with specific Fein multitool power ranges for greater longevity of the multitool itself.

Fein standard Starlock blades are compatible with a variety of OMTs; Starlock Plus blades and accessories fit Fein and some Bosch OMTs directly, others will require an adapter. Please refer to Using the Fein Starlock System for details, or check with your OMT manufacturer for compatibility.

Technical Information

Starlock Plus Carbide Rasps Fit:

  • AFSC 18 QSL
  • AFSC 18 QCSL
  • FSC 500 QSL
  • Fein MultiMaster Cordless
  • Fein MultiMaster Top
  • Fein MultiMaster Start Q
  • Fein MultiMaster QuickStart
  • Fein Cordless MultiTalent QuickStart
  • Fein MultiTalent Start Q
  • Fein Professional-Set Caulking
  • Fein Professional-Set Wood
  • AFSC 18 QSL - Wood
  • Refer to Using the Fein Starlock System for other compatible OMTs.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -