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Pettit 97 Epoxy Thinner
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Pettit 97 Epoxy Thinner
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Pettit 97 Epoxy Thinner Customer Questions and Answers

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can i use petit 97 thinner with 105 epoxy as an initial first/penitrating coat on wood? prior to fill and fairing?

Asked on 10/03/2013 by steve garr

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I'm sorry. I do not know. I used these products to paint an aluminum boat.

Answered on 10/03/2013 by MELANIE E. ANDREASEN
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According to W.S. thinning of 105 is not recommended, nor is it required for penetration. If you Google it I think there is a video on line demonstrating this, as well as testing of other expoxies that advertise their "penetrating" ability.

Answered on 08/05/2018 by robj
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