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Pettit Z Spar Captains Ultra Clear Varnish 2067
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Reviews for Pettit Z Spar Captains Ultra Clear Varnish 2067

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April 11, 2020

I have bought this before
By Buddy from Lillian al

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June 24, 2013

2067 problems
By Bob from Sacramento,CA

The product does apply easily but dries blotchy with dull and clear areas and also leaves brush marks, does not flow well.

April 23, 2011

Not so clear nor easy to work with
By Dale from Lincoln, Ne

I used this product on a wood strip kayak. I wanted a more clear finish that was relatively easy to apply. This is my fifth boat to finish, so I am not a beginner. First this is NOT a clear finish (I really am confused about how that name applies to this finish). It is as amber as any other varnish with UV protection on the market. A major disappointment for me. Secondly, I had great difficulty applying the finish. I was working in a heated (70F) shop. It is a high gloss IF not thinned. I could not brush out the un-thinned varnish enough to get prevent sagging. When I thinned (with T-10 Brushing thinner), the finish would not flow to cover brush marks. Even after 5 coats (over a fiberglass/epoxy) the finish is dull and continues to show brush marks.

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