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Pettit AlumaProtect Aluminum Epoxy Primer 4400/4401 is a 2 part strontium chromate primer designed to form the ideal barrier coat over roughed bare aluminum. This is the appropriate epoxy to use when aluminum has been sandblasted, sanded, or ground so that a tooth is present. For smooth aluminum, choose Pettit Metal Primer 6455/044.

Aluma Protect provides maximum resistance to fresh or saltwater, thus eliminating corrosion. This complete coating system resists water, industrial chemical fumes, and very humid environments. Intended to be used as a primary coat over bare aluminum hulls and outdrives. Aluma Protect 4400/4401 will chalk if not top-coated. Two coats are recommended over sandblasted aluminum. Then overcoat with Pettit Protect 4700 or Tie Coat 6627 for optimum results before finishing with 2-3 coats of Alumacoat SR.

Tech Specs
DRY TIMESubstrate TempTo RecoatTo Bottom PaintTo Launch
90 degrees F 1 - 24 hours1 - 8 hours48 hours
70 degrees F4 - 96 hours4 - 16 hours72 hours
50 degrees F 8 - 192 hours8 - 24 hours120 hours
VEHICLE TYPE Epoxy/PolyamideMETHODBrush, Roller, Airless or Conventional Spray
FINISHLow LusterINDUCTION PERIOD 15 minutes at 70 degrees F
COLORBright YellowNUMBER OF COATS 1 or more
MIX RATIO (A/B) 1 to 1 (by volume)APPLICATION TEMP (air & substrate) 50 degrees F. Minimum; 90 degrees F. Maximum
CURING MECHANISM Chemical CurePOT LIFE 6 hrs. at 90 degrees F / 10 hrs. at 70 degrees F / 20 hrs. at 50 degrees F
SOLIDS (theoretical): By weight 45 +or- 2 percent; By volume 28 +or- 2 percentTHINNER97 Epoxy Thinner
COVERAGE 450 sq. ft/gal. .
VOC 596 g/l max. (admixed) .
FLASH POINT 60 degrees F Part A / 40 degrees F Part B .
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Stir both components thoroughly. Mix the two components together in the ratio of 1 part of Component A to 1 part of Component B by volume. Allow epoxy mixture to stand 15 minutes at approximately 70 degrees before using. (Allow to stand at least 30 minutes if temperature is between 50 degrees and 65 degrees F) Epoxy may be applied by brush, roller, conventional or airless spray. Thinning is not normally required for application, however, small amounts of 97 Epoxy Thinner may be used if necessary to facilitate application. Wet film thickness should be 3.6 mils per coat, which yields 1.0 mil dry film thickness. A wet film thickness gauge should be used to monitor paint application. One or two coats of Aluma Protect 4400/4401 should be overcoated with Pettit Protect 4700/4701 to provide a corrosion and chemical resistant barrier for use on all aluminum craft and surfaces.


Coating performance, in general, is proportional to the degree of surface preparation. Follow recommendations carefully, avoiding shortcuts. Inadequate preparation of surfaces will virtually assure inadequate coating performance. Degrease aluminum by wiping with 97 Epoxy Thinner. Sandblast, sand or grind the surface to achieve a good adhesion profile.


Bare Steel: Not recommended - use Pettit Protect 4700/4701 for steel surfaces.

Bare Aluminum, Hulls and Outdrives: Sandblast (using non-metallic media) or disc sand the aluminum to clean, bright metal. Wipe clean of residue and immediately apply one coat of Aluma Protect Aluminum Epoxy Primer 4400/4401. At 70 degrees F let dry 4 hours minimum, 96 hours maximum, and apply an additional coat followed by two coats of Pettit Protect High Build Epoxy Primer 4700/4701 following application and recoat instructions.

Previously Primed Surfaces: Aluma Protect Aluminum Epoxy Primer 4400/4401 may be applied over existing two part epoxy finishes, provided they are in sound condition. Brush-off sandblasting or very heavy sanding with 60 grit sandpaper to maintain maximum adhesion. Then apply one or two coats 4400/4401 per instructions. Remember, coating performance is only as good as the surface to which it is applied. All existing two package epoxy finishes in poor condition, as well as all one package primers and bottom paints, should be removed completely and the appropriate bare aluminum system as described above should be followed before using Aluma Protect Aluminum Epoxy Primer 4400/4401. Aluma Protect Aluminum Epoxy Primer is not recommended for use over antifouling paints.

Technical Information

  • Smooth finish provides an excellent bonding surface for additional primers or topcoats.
  • Excellent water, chemical and corrosion resistance for aluminum surfaces.
  • High Performance Strontium Chromate for corrosion control on all aluminum surfaces.
  • Easy to Apply and Excellent Bonding Surface .
  • To prevent Electrolytic Corrosion, bare aluminum must be covered with a special barrier coat before paint is applied - Aluma Protect Epoxy primer 4700/4401 forms an excellent barrier.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -