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Pettit Flexpoxy
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Pettit Flexpoxy 7076 thixotropic resin
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Reviews for Pettit Flexpoxy

4 of 4 Reviews

May 31, 2020

Easy to use!
By Mikey from Long Island.

Verified Purchase

I used Flexpoxy to fill a void where some wet balsa coring was removed near a flush mount rod holder. Worked extremely well! Filled the void and sealed the remaining coring going forward. The mixing nozzle worked great. Download the instructions from Petit.

August 11, 2016

Great versatility
By Clark from Pensacola

Verified Purchase

We used Flexpoxy during the restoration of an 1880s rowboat for the Beauvoir Museum. We talked to JD Tech Help and several other boat builders, Flexpoxy fit the bill because it offered structural qualities and could be sanded and painted. We have had to reinstall fasteners in a lot of areas where it was used and it has worked as advertised. The Skipper says it is amazing!

July 23, 2009

Wont go back
By JC from Seattle

Works great! It has a thick body but smooths well. Have used it in thick and fairing locations. Great to build filits and can be tinted, with stain or paint and finishes well. Keeps wood and other flexing parts togather. Use it in my wood boat and home. Longer cure time 12 or so hours, heat will speed things up.

May 31, 2019

Need serious caulking gun
By Bob from Islip, NY

Verified Purchase

I am very happy with this product, however, don't try to use it with a normal caulking gun. It is almost impossible to squeeze it out. You need to get a high ratio gun which is much more expensive than the cheap ones you use around the house. With a proper gun, the mixed epoxy flows out nicely from the mixing tube and cures fine. I have used this to fill screw old screw holes in my gunwale in preparation for installing a new rub rail. Also, you don't get much in a tube. As with most Pettit products, this is excellent.

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