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Pettit Splash Zone Epoxy
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Reviews for Pettit Splash Zone Epoxy

4 of 4 Reviews

June 24, 2018

really tacky, sticky stuff; wear gloves. worked good for me
By Bill from Illinois, central east

Verified Purchase

The epoxy is really tacky & sticky. I only used with gloves. I have only used above water. It easily stays in place, easy to control it from saggy, when used on vertical surface. I place several application on top of one another, after short dry time and also next day, on same repair. It is hard for me to tell if I have equal amount by placing amounts out side by side before mixing. Instruction say to mix in hand, but I mixed with a wooden paint stir stick on a piece of thick auto safety glass, mixing like you would mix auto fiberglass filler putty. ....... What I like most, is that I could smooth it out to where I would NOT have to use sand paper later. With glove still on, and putty still 'NOT' hardened, I would take my finger or thumb with water and rub the putty surface to where it became satisfactory smooth (for me). Add more water it putty starts to stick and pull from finger. Better than J B Weld Putty, but more sticky to work with. Repair of lower back transom. Very happy with final results.

April 13, 2015

Easy to use, many uses.
By Picou the shrimper. from Theriot , La.

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tough stuff, great for below water repairs.

June 5, 2014

Patching a non-functioning depth finder
By Richard S from Damascus, Virginia

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We had to cover an opening for a non-functional depth finder which was underwater and leaking. This required going under the boat and pressing upward, which we managed with a rope system. We pressed the goop over the area to be covered, and added another layer in about an hour. It set up within about a day, and the leak in the boat is now fixed.

December 23, 2012

By Sidewinder from Vuda Point Marina, Fiji

I used Splash Zone to repair my hull after hitting a reef in Fiji. It worked great, stuck to the hull great under water and was very durable. A must to have for any cruiser.

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