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Sikaflex 552 High-Strength Structural Assembly Adhesive is a new polyurethane hybrid adhesive. Sika corp combined the proven strength of Polyurethane adhesives with silanes, to create an adhesive that requires little or no surface preparation.

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Sikaflex-552 is a low VOC, high performance, elastic, gap-filling, one-part, silane-terminated polymer structural adhesive that cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a durable elastomer. Sikaflex- 552 contains no isocyanate or solvent.

Sikaflex 552 offers 30 minute tack free time, 500psi tensile strength and great working characteristics.

Sikaflex 552 is suitable for a wide range of substrates including wood, primed metal, glass, ceramics and composites.


Bonding of glass to metal, plastics and wood, trim, molding, styling elements, structural bonding of large parts including sheet metal and composites. Replaces rivets and mechanical fasteners.