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Norton Adalox 9x11 Sandpaper Sheets
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Norton Adalox 9x11 Sandpaper Sheets
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Norton Adalox 9x11 Sandpaper Sheets Customer Questions and Answers

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like to know which sandpaper is best to use for removing as much varnish by hand from hardwood floors? Need a sandpaper that does not clog, remains sharp and good enough to go through 3 layers oil poly finish. I am refinishing with Waterlox and do not want to bring in a big machine and take down to bare wood. My main objective is to remove as much as I can by hand with continuous passes of working through grits. I have already done one floor and started with 120, going to 150. I am not certain if it would be better to start at 100 and work to 120 or 150. It all depends on quality of paper. I have used 3M and Norton Magnum. I should have gotten a heavier grit of Norton as I used the 150 and it was not heavy enough to start. Should I start at 120 or 100 if Norton Magnum is advised, or should I go with another brand? 3M seemed to be good also, but Norton Magnum seemed to cut extremely smooth and even, but did not last as long as I had hoped. Neither did 3M for that matter, so maybe I

Asked on 06/25/2013 by Undisclosed

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Stripping a whole floor? Sounds like a mighty big job for hand sanding! If stripping 3 layers of oil-poly varnish, and not wanting to rent a heavy machine for the stripping, I would start with a chemical stripper. You will have to read labels and experiment to find the right/best chemical to use. I would use a flat bladed (putty-knife style) scraper to pick up the stripper gunk, and then a hook scraper (red devil or equivalent) to remove and smooth the stripping residue. Some strippers recommend washing with steel wool, if so you won't need to use the hook scraper. The trick with hook scrapers and cabinet scrapers is to keep them very sharp, sharpen frequently! Now you are ready for sandpaper, starting with 100, then 120 and then 150. If you insist on hand sanding rather than a RO power sander, then use a soft pad and block to get even pressure on the whole sheet. This will extend the life of your paper. Finally, to answer your original question of WHICH brand and grade, I like the Norton Adalox or the 3M production paper as a good compromise between price and durability. We maintain boats with lots of bright finishes using the techniques and products above.

Answered on 06/25/2013 by ATTN. WILL GATES OR ANDY SHAW
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