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This actuator assembly is the hydraulic cylinder component that controls the up-and-down movement of Bennett trim tabs. This piston-like unit pushes and retracts the trim plane (or tab) into various positions. Bennett's actuators are constructed from non-corrosive plastic resin bodies, and utilize nylon upper hinges. They are specifically designed to allow the hydraulic fluid to flow internally through the upper hinge, eliminating the need for hoses that can fail prematurely over time. Compatible with virtually all Bennett trim tabs.

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Technical Information

  • BEN-A1101A: Designed for standard trim tabs only
  • BEN-A1101EX: Features an external hydraulic line for installations where transom space is totally inaccessable
  • BEN-A1114: Lower hinge and pin assembly only
  • BEN-A1200S: Designed for installations where space is limited