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Product Details

Lewmar Horizon Anchor Rodes are designed to fit Lewmar windlass gypsies sized to G4 chain link. All rodes feature ACCO Hi-Test hot-dipped galvanized chain for optimum corrosion resistance and strength. Chain is spliced to line, 3-strand windlass grade nylon twist, chemically treated to remain flexible after constant exposure to salt water and sun. Each anchor rode comes with a shackle to attach the chain to the anchor. Chain diameter is 1/4 or 5/16 inch.

Tech Specs
Item #Chain TypeRope Diameter"Chain Length'Rope Length'
LEW 69000331G4 1/4 inch1/2 inch5 feet100 feet
LEW 69000332G4 1/4 inch1/2 inch10 feet150 feet
LEW 69000334G4 1/4 inch1/2 inch15 feet200 feet
LEW 69000335G4 1/4 inch1/2 inch15 feet 300 feet
LEW 69000338G4 5/16 inch9/16 inch15 feet150 feet
LEW 69000339G4 5/16 inch9/16 inch20 feet200 feet
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Technical Information

  • Anchor rodes complement rope chain gypsies fitted to all Lewmar windlasses
  • Chain is hot-dipped galvanized to minimize corrosion
  • Chain is welded for high strength; calibrated for even pitch
  • A special tapered splice allows smooth transition from rope to chain