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Perko North River Rowlock Horns
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Reviews for Perko North River Rowlock Horns

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May 3, 2009

Exactly what I wanted.
By Barrelmaker from Northwest Montana

I couldn't find this product locally, and wondered if it was even available any more. A plus is that it was made in the USA.

November 7, 2013

Great product, poor instructions.
By Don from Las Vegas, NV

Verified Purchase

These are great rowlock horns, but if you read the reviews of this product at the JD website you'll see they are heavily criticized for the coupling pins simply falling out during use. I learned from the JD website, as well as other sources, rather than from the manufacturer, Perko, that the pins need to be peened at installation. What this means, people, is that after installation, you need to place the pin vertically with the head down, firmly against a metal surface. Take the round part of a ball peen hammer and gently hammer the other end of the pin until it "mushrooms" enough to hold it in place. After buying this product and scrutinizing the packaging I see that NO WHERE does it mention that you need to do that. Maybe it's common knowledge among old salts, but I'm new to boat building and rowing as a hobby. Perko has made a great product, but they need to add some very simple, but meaningful installation instructions to the packaging.

August 22, 2009

Pins don't stay in.
By xring from Laramie, WY

Good oar locks, but the picture is a little miss leading. There is nothing that holds the pin in place. You would think that there would be a cotter pin or somthing to keep the oars from falling out! Not the case.

December 10, 2011

Nothing holds the pin....
By Hernie from Miami, FL

There's nothing to secure the pin in place The pin drops after a few strokes. It's a pity because is sturdy, and very well finished.

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