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Product Details

Samson 3 strand nylon rope is made to exacting to specifications to prevent shrinkage, shrinkage, and hockling, while providing maximum rope durability and flexibility regardless of temperature or if wet. Resists rot, abrasion, oil, grease, gasoline, marine growth, and chemicals. Pro-Gard 1000 finish for a quality heat stabilized 4-stage 3-strand nylon rope.

Tech Specs
Item #Dia."Circ."Length'Strength#
SAM 1700160060301/4 inch3/4 inch600 feet1800 lbs
SAM 1700240060303/8 inch1 1/8 inch600 feet4000 lbs
SAM 1700320060301/2 inch1 1/2 inch600 feet7000 lbs
SAM 1700400060305/8 inch2 inch600 feet11,300 lbs
SAM 1700480060203/4 inch2 1/4 inch600 feet15,500 lbs
SAM 1700640060201 inch3 inch600 feet27,500 lbs
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Technical Information

  • High elasticity with excellent shock mitigation
  • Balanced construction resists hockling
  • Smooth consistent strand formation for maxmum wear life
  • Remains flexible with use