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Product Details

Lights through tip of handle. Non-corrosive plastic construction. Illuminates white when panel lights are ON. changes to red when switch is ON. Brass blade terminals. silver contacts. 15/32" L x 15/32" -32 mounting stem. Rated: 20 amps @ 12 VDC.

Tech Specs
Item NumberSwitch PositionPole & Throw
SIE-TG19520On-Off-OnDouble Pole, Double Throw
SIE-TG19530Mom On-Off-Mom OnDouble Pole, Double Throw
SIE-TG40300On-OffSingle Pole, Single Throw
SIE-TG40310Mom On-OffSingle Pole, Single Throw
SIE-TG40320On-Off-OnSingle Pole, Double Throw
SIE-TG40330Mom On-Off-Mom OnSingle Pole, Double Throw
SIE-TG40340On-Off-Mom OnSingle Pole, Double Throw
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Technical Information

  • Lights through tip of handle
  • Non-corrosive plastic construction
  • Illuminates WHITE when panel lights are ON, changes to RED when switch is ON.
  • Brass blade terminals, silver contacts
  • 15/32" L x 15/32" -32 mounting stem
  • Rated: 20 Amps @ 12V DC