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Teleflex Big T Helm
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Teleflex Big  T Components
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Reviews for Teleflex Big T Helm

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May 13, 2012

Teleflex Big-T Replacement after 26 Year
By Barnacle Bill from Georgetown SC

This is a replacement unit for one that was originally installed on my 1986 Pro-Line. It never indicated any trouble until one day when the steering wheel froze to one position while driving up the river. I had to yank hard to get any turning, but only left turn or straight ahead. Upon disassemble, I found that the steering shaft gear had sheared several teeth which then jammed into the teeth of the larger cable drive gear. Also, the thin plastic bushings had self destructed over the years, which may allowed the gears to engage slightly out of alignment, thus causing the final self destruction. No repair was possible since Teleflex does not appear to have any rebuild kits. It would have been an easy service item to have replaced the plastic bushings years earlier. But overall, 26 years is a pretty decent service life! Glad it did not happen offshore, though!

February 10, 2010

This was a replacement after 27 years
By Aeroduster from Key West, FL

the replacement was the exact same as the original. It was a perfect fit. The functionality was exactly as expected.

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