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Product Details

AwlGrip AwlQuik D8003 Primer is a quick-drying, medium build, easily sanded, two-component epoxy primer/surfacer. Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray. Not to be used below the waterline.

Info & Guides
Surface Preparation: Best when used as a surfacer over other Awlgrip Primers. May be applied by brush or roller directly to properly prepared wood or fiberglass. Best results are obtained whem these surfaces are first sealed with 545 primer.

Mixing and Reduction - Spray: Mix by volume 1 part D8003 base with 1 part D9001 until a smooth homogenous mixture is obtained. Reduce as necessary up to 50% with spray reducer T0006.
Brush/Roll: reduce mixed D8003/D9001 as needed up to 50% with T0031.

Induction time after mixing is 15 minutes.

Pot life is 8 hrs at 77 F/50% relative humidity.

Application Instructions:
Spray - apply Awl-Quik sanding surfacer in smooth coats of 4 to 6 mils (100-150 microns) WFT yielding 2-3 mils (50 to 75 microns) DFT. Allow 4 hrs between coats at 77 F/50% RH.

Brush/Roller - Two coats will be required. Light sanding between coats will improve appearance. For large surfaces rolling, then tipping with a brush is preferred.

Do not apply to surfaces less than 3 C/5 F above the dew point, to surfaces warmer than 41 C/105 F, or when ambient temperature is outside the range of 13 C/55 F - 41 C/105 F.

Technical Information

  • Type: Epoxy Polyamide
  • Packaging: Available in 1 gallon and 1 quart containers
  • Theoretical Coverage: Sq. Feet/Gallon 609 Sq. Feet at one mil dry. 203-305 Sq. Feet at recommended dry film thickness.
  • Calculated for mixed base and converter reduced 50%.
  • Coverage calculations are based on theoretical transfer efficiency of 100%.
  • Actual coverage rate obtained will vary according to equipment choice, application techniques, part size, and application environment.
  • Recommended Wet Film Thickness: 5 mils (125 microns)
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 2-3 mils (50-75 microns)
  • Recoatability: At 77F/50% R.H. :
  • Spray: may be overcoated with itself, 4 hours; with 545 Primer or topcoat, 12 hours.
  • Brush Roll: with itself, 12 - 14 hours, with other products 12 - 14 hours.
  • Maximum without sanding: 24 Hours. May be overcoated with AWLGRIP/AWLCRAFT 2000 Topcoats,
  • VOC: Base 436 g/lt or 3.6 lbs/gal. Converter 354 g/lt or 3 lbs/gal