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Encore Deepwell Paint Roller Tray & Disposable Liner

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Deepwell Paint Roller Tray 3 Quart
Plastic Disposable Liner for Deepwell Paint Roller Tray 3 Quart
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Product Details

The Encore Deepwell Paint Roller Tray with ladder leg hooks and solvent-resistant Disposable Liner feature heavy-duty plastic construction for durability. The rugged paint tray and the liner are suitable for all marine topside paints, bottom paints, coatings and resins, and have a deep paint well (3 quarts).

Use the Plastic Disposable Liner for the Deepwell Tray to simplify cleanup and allow the switch from oil-based to water-based products without fear of contamination.

The Tray and the Liner are sold as separate products. Each has an overall length of 15" and will accept a roller up to 9" wide.

Tech Specs
Item Number Item Name
ENC-450008 Plastic Paint Tray - 3 Quart
ENC-000753 Disposable Tray Liner - 3 Quart