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Red Mohair Paint Roller Covers Smooth 3/16" Nap

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Red Mohair Paint Roller Covers Smooth 3/16 Nap

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Product Details

Red Mohair paint roller covers are designed to apply gloss and semi-gloss enamel paints, urethane paints, topside paints, fiberglass resins and epoxy.

The solvent-resistant core is suitable for most marine finishes. The ultra-smooth 3/16" nap is ideal for the application of an extremely fine finish.

Smooth roller covers (with a 3/16" nap) are used for painting walls, floors and fine finishing.

Available in 3 inch, 4 inch, 7 inch, and 9 inch lengths.

Reviews for Red Mohair Paint Roller Covers Smooth 3/16" Nap

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February 5, 2013

Wash it first
By BoatPainter from FL

I used this roller recently with Awlgrip products and found it unusable with the 545 primer, due to excessive bubbling. I was able to roll the 545 with a foam roller, without tipping(tipping not recommended, anyhow, with 545), so used foam instead. When it came to the topcoat, it shed mohair stubble everywhere, so badly so that I had to wipe off the paint, and start over. I again switched to a foam roller, and completed the layer without issue. These do, however, seem to be build really well, and think that if I wash the rollers in the sink to remove any factory stubble, they will work very nicely.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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August 17, 2009

FORGET tipping..these are the way to go!
By Stenn from Chesapeake

I'm using Epifanes MonoUrethane to redo the 25 year old hull of my Newport 27-S MKII, after watching the "hardness" demo competition on the Jamestown website, comparing Petite, Interlux, and Epifanes one-parts. I figured I'm doing this once, on a 25-year-old hull, this'll probably be IT for the lifetime of this boat, so I'd pay the extra and buy the hardest one-part I could find. Following Jamestown's advice, I ordered and used the usual foam rollers, and 4 good ox-hair brushes for tipping after rolling. The first coat went on fine, though with a few tip-grooves not quite going away, and the rollers leaving sort of a bubbly foam behind that really demanded being tipped. The 2nd coat went on really badly, due to ambient heat, and still left the bubbly foam-roller foam behind, but these bubbles dried too fast to tip well, and the whole thing became a mess I had to sand half the starboard side off the next weekend! So being sick of the foam foam being left behind from the usual rollers, I went back to Jamestown's site and saw these red "mohair" rollers, saying something about leaving little or no stipple. I figured if we're tipping with a hair brush, why not try rolling with a "hair" I was about ready to give up on tipping and do what Don Casey says about light colors,i.e. " can get a very nice finish without ever touching a brush to the hull....with a very slight orange-peel texture...." Since I'm using Bold Yellow, I figured "Let's go for it." I am SURE GLAD I DID !! It came out beautifully....very smooth, glossy, very slight orange-peel texture, that I'm starting to realize I prefer over the slick, almost "plastic" finish after tipping.... ....and, of course, from 10 feet away, you can't tell whether a boat was tipped or just rolled anyway...nobody can see a slight orange-peel effect from that far away..., as smooth and easy as these rollers made the job, I don't hesitate to recommend these "mohair" rollers, for an easy, one-pass application that's a pleasure.

Just rolled, no tipping
Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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