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30A Locking to 50A (125/250V) Locking Pigtail Adapter
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Marinco 30A female Locking to 50A (125/250V) male Locking Pigtail Adapter for shore power connections
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30A Locking to 50A (125/250V) Locking Pigtail Adapter Customer Questions and Answers

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Our boat uses 30 amp, we had visited a marina that only had one working dock with 30amp power, all the other docks only had 50 amp dock power working. Is this the Adapter I need to take my 30amp boat power cord to 50amp dockside power? I assume this pigtail converts the power from 50 to 30 so that we don't ruin our boats 30amp power systems?

Asked on 09/03/2013 by Undisclosed

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This pigtail adapter works just fine for my 30 amp boat. I use it all the time when cruising and find that the 50 amp 125/250 systems are becoming the standard.

Answered on 09/03/2013 by ROGER SHEA
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Yes, the 30A to 50A adapter is exactly what you need for this. It allows you to plug in your 30A cord to a 50A (125v/250v) shore power outlet with no problem. We use ours often whenever we stay at a marina (or slip) with only a 50A outlets available. It's almost a necessity these days if you cruise a lot as many marinas have many more 50A outlets than 30's. There is also a similar adapter (which is more expensive) that allows you to plug in TWO 30A cords from a single 50A outlet, it's called a 2-30A to 50A Y-Adapter, but you don't need that one unless you have two 30A cords.

Answered on 09/05/2013 by HENRY CLEWS
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