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Product Details

Power-Tech Marine AGM Batteries use special absorbed electrolyte technologythat is superior to flooded lead-acid batteries. Fine, highly porous microfiber glass separators absorb the electrolyte, increasing efficiency by lowering internal resistance and boosting capacity.

Lower internal resistance also means that the batteries can be recharged faster than conventional batteries, allowing the user to put them back into operation sooner.

The completely sealed, valve-regulated AGM battery eliminates gas emissions and acid leakage for longer and safer battery operation. AGM batteries are completely maintenance-free.

Tech Specs
Item Number Volts Group Marine Cranking Amps Reserve Capacity (minutes) Amp Hours
Item Number Dimensions (L" x W" x H") Weight (Lbs)
BAT-8AU17.75 x 5.125 x 7.7524
BAT-8A22NF9.375 x 5.5 x 9.2539
BAT-8A2410.875 x 6.75 x 9.87553
BAT-8A2712.75 x 6.75 x 9.87563
BAT-8A31DT12.937 x 6.75 x 9.37568
BAT-8A4D20.75 x 8.2 x 10124
BAT-8A8D20.75 x 11 x 10156
BAT-8AGC210.25 x 7.125 x 10.87572
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Use a good, constant potential, voltage-regulated charger. For 12-volt AGM batteries, charge to at least 14.4 volts, but no more than 14.6 volts at 68F (20C). Do not charge in a sealed container.

Technical Information

  • Power-Tech AGM batteries offer premium power, quality and performance.
  • Maintenance free
  • Long, deep discharges
  • Sealed/Submersible