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sku.image.altAWL-F1007G -- Gallon - Light Graysku.image.altAWL-F1009G -- Gallon - Kingston Graysku.image.altAWL-F1182G -- Gallon - Graystonesku.image.altAWL-F1195G -- Gallon - Silversku.image.altAWL-F1196G -- Gallon - Pearl Graysku.image.altAWL-F1204G -- Gallon - Whisper Graysku.image.altAWL-F1265G -- Gallon - Medium Silversku.image.altAWL-F2091G -- Gallon - Super Jet BlackAWL-F3029G -- Gallon - High Gloss Clearsku.image.altAWL-F4101G -- Gallon - Sea Foamsku.image.altAWL-F4105G -- Gallon - Forest Greensku.image.altAWL-F4114G -- Gallon - Jade Mist Greensku.image.altAWL-F4121G -- Gallon - Dark Greensku.image.altAWL-F4126G -- Gallon - Aqua Mistsku.image.altAWL-F5010G -- Gallon - Aristo Bluesku.image.altAWL-F5011G -- Gallon - Royal Bluesku.image.altAWL-F5014G -- Gallon - Flag Bluesku.image.altAWL-F5015G -- Gallon - Marlin Bluesku.image.altAWL-F5021G -- Gallon - Ice Bluesku.image.altAWL-F5028G -- Gallon - Navy Bluesku.image.altAWL-F5252G -- Gallon - Tealsku.image.altAWL-F5256G -- Gallon - Sky Bluesku.image.altAWL-F5264G -- Gallon - Empress Bluesku.image.altAWL-F5275G -- Gallon - Majestic Bluesku.image.altAWL-F5359G -- Gallon - Carinthia Bluesku.image.altAWL-F6012G -- Gallon - Prairie Beigesku.image.altAWL-F6014G -- Gallon - Castle Tansku.image.altAWL-F6017G -- Gallon - Sahara Tansku.image.altAWL-F6102G -- Gallon - Moon Dustsku.image.altAWL-F6171G -- Gallon - Sable Brownsku.image.altAWL-F6187G -- Gallon - Desert Sandsku.image.altAWL-F7029G -- Gallon - Claret Redsku.image.altAWL-F7200G -- Gallon - Vivid Redsku.image.altAWL-F7232G -- Gallon - Toreador Redsku.image.altAWL-F7233G -- Gallon - International Orangesku.image.altAWL-F7242G -- Gallon - Sunfast Redsku.image.altAWL-F7252G -- Gallon - Red Mahoganysku.image.altAWL-F8015G -- Gallon - Blue Tone Whitesku.image.altAWL-F8016G -- Gallon - Creamsku.image.altAWL-F8017G -- Gallon - Egg Shell Whitesku.image.altAWL-F8018G -- Gallon - Vestal Whitesku.image.altAWL-F8020G -- Gallon - Off-Whitesku.image.altAWL-F8024G -- Gallon - Matterhorn Whitesku.image.altAWL-F8063G -- Gallon - Snow Whitesku.image.altAWL-F8082G -- Gallon - Chevy Whitesku.image.altAWL-F8150G -- Gallon - Insignia Whitesku.image.altAWL-F8155G -- Gallon - Stark Whitesku.image.altAWL-F8166G -- Gallon - Off-White Revisitedsku.image.altAWL-F8185G -- Gallon - Fleet Whitesku.image.altAWL-F8215G -- Gallon - Cloud Whitesku.image.altAWL-F8222G -- Gallon - Oyster Whitesku.image.altAWL-F9014G -- Gallon - San Mateo Wheatsku.image.altAWL-F9120G -- Gallon - Fighting Lady Yellowsku.image.altAWL-F9148G -- Gallon - Federal Yellow
1 gl contains 1 gl

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Product Details

Gallon sizes of AwlCraft 2000.

Awlgrip AwlCraft is a premium acrylic urethane topcoat paint. Awlcraft 2000 has a superior flow-out, higher gloss, and easier application than the original Awlgrip. It is fast drying to reduce dust entrapment, and can only be applied by spraying. This is an above the waterline only paint.

There are 60 Standard colors and any custom color you want available in both quarts and gallons. If you do not see what you want please call our Sales Office for assistance. If AwlGrip makes it we can get it!!


Jamestown Distributors site also offers AwlCraft in quart sizes.

To help with color selection, order your FREE color chart today.

Info & Guides


To make your selection easier, click here to order a FREE color card containing 120 swatches.

Reducers, Additives, and Auxiliary Components for AwlCraft 2000 Topcoat Base

High Gloss Clear F3029, Awl-Cat #2 Spray Converter G3010, Standard Reducer Spray T0003, Fast Evaporating Reducer Spray T0001, Very Fast Evaporating Reducer Spray T0002, Hot Weather Reducer Spray T0005, Pro-Cure Accelerator X98 73014, Pro-Cure Accelerator X-138 73015, Crater-X M1017, Griptex Non-Skid Particles Fine 73012, Griptex Non-Skid Particles Coarse 73013, Flattening Agent G3013, Equipment Cleaning T0001, T0002, T0003 Reducers or M.E.K.

Use conventional air atomized spray or HVLP spray.

Surface Preparation Best results are achieved when sprayed over properly prepared Awlgrip 545 Primer. May be applied directly over some existing finishes. The existing finish must be sound, tightly adhered to the substrate, and chemically compatible with the Awlcraft 2000.

Mixing and Reduction Spray: mix by volume 2 parts Awlcraft 2000 Topcaot Base Component with one part Awl-Cat #2 Spray Converter to a smooth homogenous mixture. Reduce 25%-33% with the spray reducers appropriate for conditions. Overall mix is 2:1:3/4-1 by volume. 25% reduction is a standard mix. Clear coats, metallic colors, and painting in high temperature conditions may require additional reduction up to 40%.

Application Instructions General: The primed surface must be clean and dry. Achieving maximum gloss and distinction of image requires the primer be smooth sanded with 220-320 grit paper before topcoat application. Using a contrasting mist coat of lacquer primer as a guide coat is recommended. Smooth sanding until all the guide coat is removed indicates a texture free surface. Two to three coats are recommended for spray applications.

Spray Application: Apply a light, smooth, slightly wet tack coat to the surface. Allow tack coat to flash off 30 to 45 minutes. Then apply a full, wet coat to achieve color coverage (ie hide) and film thickness requirements. If preferred, three coats may be used. Allow second coat to flash off 30 to 45 minutes until only slightly tacky before applying third coat. Coats 2 and 3 are not full wet coats in 3 coat applications. The second coat is a slightly heavy tack coat with the third coat just wet enough to obtain full hide (opacity) or color coverage. Do not apply to surfaces warmer than 105 F or colder than 55 F. Do not attempt to cure below 55 F.

Technical Information

  • Theoretical Coverage: Sq. Ft./Gallon: 573 Sq. Feet at one mil dry. 230 Sq. Feet at recommended dry film thickness
  • Calculated for mixed base and converter, reduced 25%.
  • Coverage calculations are based on theoretical transfer efficiency of 100%.
  • Actual coverage rate obtained will vary according to equipment choice, application techniques, part size, and application environment.
  • Recommended Wet Film Thickness: 6-9 mils (150-225 microns) total of 2-3 coats.
  • Recommended Dry Film Thickness: 2-3 mils (50-75 microns) total of 2-3 coats.
  • Anticipated Cure Time at 77 ¡ F, 50% R.H: 24 Hours to tape free; 3 days to light service; 14 days for full cure.
  • Recoatability: Spray applications consist of two to three coats applied over 1-4 hours.
  • Exact time will vary with temperature, project size, and film thickness applied.
  • VOC 472.5 g/lt or 3.9 lbs/gal (for base)
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