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Awlgrip Polyester Urethane Topcoat Base Gallon

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Awlgrip Polyester Urethane Topcoat Paint Base Gallon size
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Product Details

Gallon sizes of Awlgrip Polyester Urethane Topcoat Base.

Awlgrip urethane paints yield durable high gloss finishes to wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or steel, and may be applied with a paint roller, brush or spray gun.

Awlgrip finishes are renowned for their superior resistance to sun, saltwater, chemicals, and abrasion, and are ideal for coating everything from boat topsides, cabin tops, decks and masts, to engines.

Jamestown Distributors site also offers Awlgrip in quart sizes.


To help with color selection, order your FREE color chart today.

Important note: Awlgrip is a 2-part paint system, requiring both a base, and a converter. For spraying, use Awl-Cat #2 converter. For brushing, use Awl-Cat #3 converter. (Converters are sold separately)

Info & Guides

To make your selection easier, click here to order a FREE color card containing 120 swatches.

Technical Information

  • Long lasting; high gloss
  • Superior resistance to sun, saltwater, chemicals and abrasion
  • Appropriate for use on fiberglass, steel and wood
  • Low maintenance
  • Above the waterline use only
  • Available in quarts and gallons
  • Custom colors available

Reviews for Awlgrip Polyester Urethane Topcoat Base Gallon

5 of 5 Reviews

July 16, 2018

By C&C 110 from Punta Gorda FL

Awlgrip does not sell touch up kits and you can only save your original color a season or two (check date of manufacture). So there is no way to maintain your very expensive coating. BUYER BEWARE! Plan ahead.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

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May 18, 2018

By Pogmusic from Florida

Verified Purchase

Best used as a team of you're rolling and tipping.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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June 9, 2016

I would not buy this product again
By chris from ashland Va.

I used this product to repaint the floor in my cabin boat. I rolled this product with a roller on a 75 degree day and it covers pretty good. This was the end of May in Virginia with 75 plus degree days. Here we are 3 weeks later and it is still not completely cured. Everywhere in the boat I put a knee down on the floor to wax the rail or do some wiring, I would leave an imprint of my knee or any material I used for a knee pad. It should have set up by now.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend to a friend

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December 23, 2014

Too bright for deck
By Cynical1 from Columbia, SC

Verified Purchase

Touch up is difficult. Local winter time temperatures make it almost impossible to use. Temperature requirement is 55 degrees for total cure time. However, cure time can be accelerated by using Awlgrip Topcoat Accelerator. The directions for Awlgrip Topcoat Accelerator are based on a ratio adding one ounce to two gallons of topcoat. I suggest changing gallons to milliliters and figuring out how many drops are required for small quantities.Please note, there are two types of Awlgrip Topcoat Accelerator.Make sure you pick the correct one.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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March 18, 2012

Love this paint
By Drew from Maine

I never sprayed paint before in my life. I used Awlgrip two part on my 42 foot sailboat and just love it! I know it says professional use only, so what. It's easy to understand the mixing directions and the troubleshooting chart, and it's easy to apply by spray gun. The results are jaw dropping. You don't need expensive spray guns either, just read the application guides and buy the gun with the right size nozzle or close to it. I used dirt cheap guns and a [@]compressor. Just remember one thing...preparation. The hard work is in preping the surface, don't skimp or you will regret it. Surface preparation is the most important and time consuming part of the paint job. Oh, and if you're a novice like me, you're going to make small mistakes don't worry about it! You can fix the mistakes if they are big enough or ignore them if they are small and out of the way. The shine from your new paint job will distract any onlooker from a small drip in the lower corner. Read the application guides and go to it, you will not regret it! I can't say enough about this fantastic paint. It's easy to understand their guides, straight forward to use, easy to apply, easy to fix mistakes I made, and the shine and color are just amazing. If your not sure you can do it, practice on something small that you don't care about. I wanted an Awlgrip paint job but was unwilling to pay $16,000. I painted my boat for just over $2,000. Do it. If anyone tries to talk you out of it, ignore them. Read, practice, preparation. You will love what you see!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

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