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4/0 Gauge Marine Tinned Battery Cable

4/0 AWG - Nominal OD Size: 13/16"

Constructed to American Wire Gauge standards, AWG wire is up to twelve percent larger than the equivalent SAE wire sizes. AWG wire provides a greater current capacity when compared to SAE gauge wire.

Marine Tinned Wire and Cables are manufactured from tin coated copper strands for maximum protection against corrosion, electrolysis and fatigue caused by vibration and flexing.

Rated at 600 volts and 105 degrees C, the heavy duty insulation is resistant to heat and abrasion. Exceeds all UL1426, US Coast Guard Charterboat (CFR title 46) and ABYC standards.

Tech Specs
Wire SizeNominal O.D. (inches)DecimalMillimeter
8 AWG5/16".3127.937
6 AWG11/32".3438.731
4 AWG13/32".40610.318
2 AWG15/32".46811.906
1 AWG17/32".53113.493
1/0 AWG9/16".56214.287
2/0 AWG5/8".62515.875
3/0 AWG11/16".68717.462
4/0 AWG13/16".81220.637
Info & Guides

Ancor recommends yellow wire for DC negative because black is the standard color for AC hot. Many times, those working on their DC systems have inadvertently cut the live AC wire. Because of the wide spread use of inverters, power generators and shore power connections, even today's smallest boats pose a risk of inadvertently cutting into AC wires when working on DC systems.

Marine Grade 8 - 4/0 AWG Battery Cable Specifications