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Epifanes two-part polyester saturated, aliphatic urethane coatings are formulated for maximum resin depth and hardness with a long lasting mirror like gloss. Epifanes polyurethane is designed for brush, roller, or spray application. Each package includes base & reactor. Thinning with Polyurethane Thinner For Brush or Polyurethane Thinner For Spray is required for application. Designed for any boat or home applications above the waterline.

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    Technical Specifications

  • Container Size: 750 gr. (500 gr. base + 250 gr. reactor = 750 gr. mixed) 2:1 mix by weight.
  • Gloss: Ultra high gloss
  • Density: 1.00 - 1.40 kg./liter (mixed product) (depending on color)
  • Solids Content : 50 - 55 +/- 2 vol. % (mixed product) (depending on color)
  • Drying times at 65F / 65% RH: Tack free - 3 hours / Tape free - 7 hours, Hard Dry - 8 hours / Recoatable - 24 hours
  • Recommended Film Thickness: Per coat wet - 80 micron / Per coat dry -40-45 microns.
  • Application:
    Brush - Thin 0-10 percent with Epifanes Polyurethane Brush Thinner
    Spray - Thin up to 0-10 percent with Epifanes Polyurethane Spray Thinner
  • Temperature should be between 50 degrees F and 85 degrees F during application with the air humidity level below 85 percent. Avoid painting in too much wind or sun. A rapid loss of solvents will occur under these conditions and will decrease the flowing ability.

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