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Reviews for Epifanes Two-Part Polyurethanes

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September 12, 2021

I Would Buy This Again, but not from Jamestown Distributors.
By RHSC from RI

Verified Purchase

The 2 part poly paint works great, i use it on my deck, my interior, my roof/foredeck. You name it. It mixes easy, rolls on easy and makes me look like a skilled painter (which i am certainly not). My only gripe is doing business with Jamestown Distributors as they dont let you exchange paint apparently. I accidentally ordered 2 cans of the wrong color (completely my fault) but was then told i couldnt return it, because i couldnt ship it back (even though it was shipped to me???) and i said thats alright I live nearby can i come in person for a return, exchange or credit? Also no. I do a lot of business with a lot of distributors and have never encountered this before. Unfortunately i have stopped buying from JD since.

July 22, 2019

Highly recommended.
By Johnny O from Conover, NC

Verified Purchase

We used the white 2 part polyurethane for the deck, cockpit, and cabin of our 25' sailboat We did a complete balsa core and fiberglass replacement on the cabin top, cockpit sole, and deck. After fairing we laid down System Three water based epoxy primer and sanded and cleaned it well. We sprayed the Epifanes using a pressure pot paint gun with a 1.2mm nozzle. Temperature was around 80 degrees. After practicing and tweaking the gun on some pieces of cardboard and plastic sheeting we ended up with the pot set at 10 psi, and the gun set at 30-35psi read on a gauge mounted right at the spray gun. Paint was thinned 10% with Epifanes spray thinner. We laid down a light tack coat and let it flash off for 20 minutes, then laid down a medium coverage coat. Had a few runs in the cockpit but that was my fault. Avoid trying to lay down heavy coats as it will run and sag if you do that. Note that the coverage rates on the can are true per coat so measure your square footage well. It doesn't take long to blow through the 750ml kit. The Epifanes paint sprayed down beautifully and quickly leveled out and merged into a smooth flat finish. It dried quickly and very hard. It has a nice shine, and with all climbing all over the boat with tools when reinstalling hardware it didn't scratch up, but still looked great. Very happy with the results so far.

May 7, 2019

Great shine and easy to use
By Greg from Va.

Verified Purchase

A friend saw the job and bought some to do a project of his own

October 1, 2018

Best 2 part we have ever used
By chriscraft 31 from Lake Champlain

Verified Purchase

I have used many other 2 parts in boat painting projects - my wife found a color that matched our hull perfectly with Epihane 2 part paints for painting our decks - but she wanted it not overly shiny - they actually made it with a little flatness and we ordered it ..I will tell you it went on perfectly dried perfect and went on like butter ..we have switched over to this paint for all our next boat projects - thank you ..

May 26, 2016

epifanes two part polyurethane
By Khin from Great Falls, VA

Verified Purchase

I like epifanes two part polyurethane better than perfection plus a bit easier to varnish. It contains less than perfection pkys but covers the same. It turns out awesome and will buy again.

September 3, 2009

Great results
By Michael Lauer from Mitchellville, Maryland

I purchased this product after Interlux Perfection Two Part Varnish was discontinued by the manufacturer. I use the product as a deck finish over western cedar on top of an epoxy base (West System). Overall I like Epifanes over Interlux for the following reasons: 1) You have a choice of brush or spray thinners (Interlux had only brush thinners) 2) The mix of parts A/B is by weight rather than volume which works well for me. Mixing Interlux by volume seemed approximate and there was always some Part A leftover. 3) Epifanes goes on a bit smoother. I use a badger brush and the results are very good. 4) There's a 48 hour window for an additional coat with Epifanes. This is convenient in an outdoor application. I cannot say how durable the product is at this time since I've just started using it. But the results do look great.

July 20, 2021

I would recommend this to a friend
By Seaweed from Vineyard Haven

Verified Purchase

it's a great product, I will be using this product on my boat more often. The two part primer is incredible using it on my steel boat best primer so far I have used. The delivery time you could not ask for more thanks.

June 11, 2020

Great product, needs better application information
By old guy fixer-upper from Jamestown, RI

Verified Purchase

I needed to repaint a 52 year old Ensign, which had been awlgripped about 20 years ago. I used Interlux Perfection on the mast and boom last year, and found that it was very sensitive to temperature and humidity. I was convinced to try Epifanes for the topsides. I used a quart of their primer in gray, which did a nice job filling in some imperfections. I say quart, but when you combine the two parts, the total is more like 5/6th. At any rate, three finish coats later, the job looks great. My single complaint was the lack of advice available on the can or their website. I used the roll and tip method, and was advised to use their special brushing thinner - but no where did it specify HOW MUCH thinner to add, which is a key piece of information you need for a successful job. A few calls to Epifanes in Maine, and I found someone who seemed knowledgeable. He gave me the secret number I will now reveal here: add 7% thinner by volume of the paint in your carefully measured paint bucket. With that, the product was a dream to use, and we got many favorable comments in the boatyard prior to launching. Hope it holds up for the long term...

October 22, 2019

Great product have used it several times
By Greg from Weems va.

Verified Purchase

Although I like this paint not sure what happened this time. I ordered gloss or some gloss but the entire job came out flat. Not sure if it was me or the paint. I did a cabin top non skid on a sailboat so not bad flat two coats not sure if I won't to paint it again too much paint and hard to cut it in with the now flat edg. Greg

August 6, 2019

I would buy again but know you are not getting a quart
By Ken from Georgia

Verified Purchase

Estimating Coverage was not easy as the combined product does NOT equal one quart. Had to order additional paint at additional cost. Do not attempt to apply at temperature in the 80's.

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