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Reviews for G10 Fiberglass Board

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June 14, 2020

Backer plate for stem head on a dinghy
By rictifyit from Illinois

Verified Purchase

backer plate, plain and simple. I like how you can sand down the sharp edges of it to fit the contour of your application. It also drills easy, but it doesn't flex at all! Great backer plate, although if you're buying only one, the shipping will ding you. I found that a bit ridiculous.

June 10, 2020

Tough material worked perfectly
By Big Al from Chicago

Verified Purchase

Worked great for my use, replaced the bottom of my fiberglass boat exhaust. I used a jig saw to cut the material when through a lot of blades

June 1, 2020

Tough material, perfect for my repair
By Big Al from Chicago

I used the G10 board 1/4" thickness to replace the bottom of my wet exhaust muffler. It was perfect. I cut the 12"x12" x1/4" piece into an 11" diameter circle and glassed it in. I cut the material with a jig saw and finished the edges with a belt sander. It is hard and I did go through about 6 blades cutting out my piece. Expensive but worked great for my needs.

May 25, 2020

By Big Al from Chicago

I received my 12"x12" x1/4" piece and had to cut an 11" diameter circle out of it. I used a jigsaw. Burned up 12 Bosch jigsaw blades but it cut nice. Use a belt sander to finish it off. Very tough stuff. I'm using it to replace the bottom of my wet exhaust muffler. Nor I just have to glass it in.

March 6, 2019

By Dave from Ct

Verified Purchase

Great for custom helms

January 9, 2019

Quick delivery, product as advertised
By Phil from FL

Verified Purchase

Reasonable price, fast delivery.

December 19, 2018

perfect piece to have
By Captain Ron from PA

Verified Purchase

Needed to make a frame for bilge vents. Replacement vents are a different width. The frame will be a type of "picture frame" I will fit into place around the existing cut out in the hull. I will recess the frame into the hull and epoxy into place.

November 14, 2018

G10 fiberglass
By Ray from San Francisco, California

Verified Purchase

I rebuilt the plumbing for my boat holding tank. I used the fiberglass board and PVC pipe instead of bronze plate and copper pipe. Should last my life! Cutting and drilling G10 is like cutting sheet metal. Easy.

November 7, 2018

Excellent quality
By Santiago from Orange County CA

Verified Purchase

Purchased 2 sq feet of 1/4" G10 fiberglass boards to use as thermal insulation between steel parts. The panels were cut into smaller pieces and isolated mating steel parts where mechanically joined. G10 has excellent thermal resistance with 1/4" offering as much as 1" plywood AND unlike wood has excellent compression qualities. The product was packaged better than a Faberge egg. I thought it was as fragile as glass and started to worry that I might have spent good money on an unusable product. Not so, it's tough as nails and machines beautifully. Very happy with product and might be ordering another soon. Highly recommended.

June 28, 2018

Great Product
By Scott from Central Massachusetts

Verified Purchase

Used this to fabricate a mounting plate for my transducer, which I then adhered to the transom with 3M4200 (to avoid drilling). Starboard was to pricey for the small amount I needed. Very easy to work with.

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