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Anchor Shackles from Chicago Hardware are forged, then hot dipped galvanized for improved corrosion resistance. Screw pin type shackles meet federal specifications. When tested, all shackles are pulled at uniform rate of speed in a direct tension. All loads are based on a safety factor of 6 to 1. Size, maximum working load and trademark are marked in raised lettering at top of shackle eye. Manufacturer notes that any deviations such as angular lifts, shock loads or modification of basic forging will result in drastically reduced maximum loads.

Tech Specs
Model Size (inches) Length (inches) Eyes (inches) Pin (inches) Load (Ton)
CHI 290013/167/83/81/41/3
CHI 290021/41-1/815/325/161/2
CHI 290035/161-1/417/323/83/4
CHI 290043/817/1621/327/161
CHI 290057/161-11/1623/321/21-1/2
CHI 290061/21-15/1613/165/82
CHI 290075/82-1/211/163/43-1/4
CHI 290083/431-1/47/84-3/4
CHI 290097/83-1/41-7/1616-1/2
CHI 2901013-3/41-11/161-1/88-1/2
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Technical Information

  • Always recommended to apply a small amount of grease to threads of shackle pin for easy opperation
  • For maximum safety always mouse shackles with stainless locking wire or nylon cable ties