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BoatLIFE Liquid Life-Calk Sealant
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BoatLIFE Liquid Life-Calk Sealant
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BoatLIFE Liquid Life-Calk Sealant Customer Questions and Answers

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how quickly can i put the boat in the water after i use your life calk?

Asked on 05/28/2015 by Undisclosed

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I have actually installed a thru hull fitting using the boatlife and had the boat back in the water 1/2 hour later. This was an under water fitting for a new air conditioning unit, 10 years later still looks good.

Answered on 05/28/2015 by PETER CARR
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we bought the calk white

Answered on 05/28/2015 by madeleine peterson
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can this product be used below waterline as in mounting transducers or is there a better product?

Asked on 01/08/2015 by Donald Morgan

Top Answer

Hi BoatLIFE Liquid Life-Calk Sealant can be used below the water line to mount a transducer but its a little runny and is designed more for applications where you want it to seep into cracks. Try instead the regular BoatLIFE Life-Calk which performs more like a regular polysulfide calk. Chris

Answered on 01/08/2015 by CHRISTOPHER PHILLIPS
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