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Moeller Marine Flanging Tools
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Reviews for Moeller Marine Flanging Tools

7 of 7 Reviews

December 16, 2020

Product works great .
By Phil from North Carolina

Verified Purchase

Works as it should and easy to complete the job with perfect result.

August 23, 2019

amazing results with Moeller products !
By RWD from Chester County Pennslyvania

Verified Purchase

I bought 2 Moeller brass splash well tubes ( great quailty brass) to replace the original tubes on a 1995 Grady White Adventure and ordered the flanging tool to complete the flare during installation. I had also purchased 2 brass tubes from another marine store that were much thinner and noticeably lesser quality than the Moeller tubes.( sent them back for a refund) The installation was made simple with the flaring tool and it turned out perfect. Just take care to cut the tubes between 1/8"- 3/16" longer than thickness of the transom and follow the directions that come with the tool.

October 26, 2015

So easy to use
By paratrooper62 from amherst, oh

Verified Purchase

This was so easy to use and it made my work look professional. It was worth the money.

December 14, 2009

Quality tool. Professional finish.
By ChiefMike from Florida

Correct tool for proper installation of brass drain tubes on boats.

August 14, 2008

Only tool for the job!!
By Kurt All Day Snyder from Rochester, Wa

Quick and easy tool to use. Could'nt have done the job without it. Well worth the asking price.

February 15, 2014

Great " little" tool
By Old Pete from Hyde park NY

Verified Purchase

This flanging tool will work great for tubes less than 3 inches long, however if you expect to flange a 3 1/2 inch tube, you will have to visit a hardware store to purchase a longer bolt. This is not a big deal if you know ahead of time.

April 19, 2012

Good, bad and ugly
By Scott Wilson from Lake Orion, Michigan

I bought your flange tool and drain tube installation kits (from this website) to install in my aluminum fishing boat. Someone around there or at the manufacturer needs to address a few issues with these products. I'm giving you the feedback in hopes of sparing other buyers the frustrations I experienced, as follows: 1) The instructions show the bolt threaded all the way to the end. But what came in the package was a partially threaded carriage bolt. The threads stopped about an inch too short. I had to go to the hardware store and buy another bolt AND washers just in case the bolt snapped during installation and I had to use the carriage bolt provided. Given the high price of your product, that extra gas, time and expense was rather annoying. 2) The instructions in your drain tube kit do not match the instructions in your flange tool kit. One says the O-ring goes on the inside; the other says it goes on the outside. It'd make more sense to have one on EACH side. But at the very least one would think the instructions would be the same since these things come from the same manufacturer. 3) There were no recommendations as to what other sealant product to use to further secure and seal the connections. I used JB Weld. But if you know something else works better for these parts, one would think you'd give buyers a clue about that. My fishing buddy and I did finally get it to install once I bought the parts you failed to provide (and once I flipped a coin on which side deserved the one O-ring), I am happy with the result. But in my opinion it was far more frustrating than it should have been. And these fixes seem rather simple by the manufacturer. They might start by providing the correct bolt for the job and some unified instructions. The implication in your marketing suggests that the kit was complete, and it certainly was not. All in all, I'm pleased now that it's done. But I was not a happy camper yesterday about this. Finally, I strongly recommend future buyers installing in bare aluminum boats plan for this contingency; it's gonna be a drag if you don't. And I'd also urge you to go for the brass tube rather than the aluminum one. The aluminum one is flimsier than I'd prefer.

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