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McLube Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish

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McLube Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish
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Product Details

McLube Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish combines McLube's proven bonded PTFE suspension system with a new citrus-based, long-lasting, high-gloss polish. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional antifouling compounds.

Antifoul Alternative Speed Polish prevents the adhesion of marine growth and slime below the waterline. It also reduces drag to increase the efficiency and top speed of both power and sailboats.

PTFE is ideal for use in a marine polish because of its chemical inertness (it will not react with other cleaners or polishes), heat resistance, excellent anti-adhesion properties, and low friction coefficient over broad service temperature & pressure ranges (making it an excellent polish in any climate).

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Technical Information

Key Attributes

  • Easy to apply to any hull surface or underwater fitting
  • Non-toxic, non-metallic, non-leaching
  • Biodegradable
  • Prevents marine growth for weeks
  • Reduces drag and increases efficiency